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Sync your GAL to Mobiles

Save time by automatically syncing your global address list to your users’ local Outlook contact folders for viewing on mobiles. Use our sync software to set up one-way synchronization from your Active Directory global address list to selected users’ personal folder contacts. You can even exclude any service accounts. Global Address List caching provides access to users’ contact details for viewing on smartphones. When someone from your office calls or emails you, you can easily identify the caller and their picture shows up in the call or message.

On Premise Exchange or Office 365 GAL Sync


Sync between Exchange Public Folders and Mobiles

Microsoft Exchange doesn’t natively sync items from Exchange public folders to mobile devices with Exchange ActiveSync. Our software is the third party app you need to automatically synchronize your Exchange public folders to your Outlook personal folders where it needs to be for viewing on your mobile devices — iPhones, Androids, iPads, Blackberry. You can also sync new items made on your mobiles back to your Exchange folders easily. Use Add2Exchange or Add2Outlook to solve this need, whether your company deploys one brand or a mix of devices from different manufacturers. You can set up a one way sync, two way sync, or what we refer to as a full mesh sync.



Sync Calendars

Synchronize appointments made in your public folder Calendar to each users’ personal Calendar automatically so users can view scheduled appointments. For example, you have a dedicated individual in the office responsible for scheduling all appointments in your Company Calendar and you want your users to be able to view these appointments on their mobile devices when they’re away from the office. You may also want your mobile users to be able to create new appointments on their mobile devices and have a copy of these appointments sync to the public, and each of the other users on the team to facilitate and streamline scheduling.

Centralized Team Calendars for Managers and Appointment Setters

Synchronize your users’ personal folder calendar to a public folder and vice versa. Create a group calendar folder by synchronizing new appointments made in each of the users’ personal calendar folder to an Exchange public folder calendar so managers and appointment setters at the office can view everyone’s appointments in one consolidated view. For anyone who creates non-business related appointments in the personal folder, you can enable the Do Not Copy Private feature to keep calendar items marked as ‘private’ by the user from synchronizing. Use the Advanced Calendar Confidentiality feature to sync the appointment to block out the time for scheduling purposes, but hide the details of the appointment using a special character in the subject line.

Sync Multiple Calendars to your Executives, Managers, or Team Leader Folders

So you want to get a better handle of where your team or business associates are to better facilitate and coordinate team meetings when you’re away from the office. Whether you use multiple public folder calendars for each department or project, or would like a copy of your team’s personal calendars available for viewing on your mobile, you can set up a public to private or private to private sync.

Get a Handle on Meetings and Special Events

Why rely on meeting requests ‘Invite Attendees’ that can be missed or overlooked in someone’s inbox? Schedule your meetings with confidence. Post a meeting, holiday party or team building event on the corporate calendar and have it automatically appear on your users’ personal calendars.

Sync H/R Related Events to your Staff

Human Resource departments use our software to communicate holidays, staff meetings, team building events, social events, and other H/R related dates, appointments and meetings to employees.

Sync Blackberry, BES with Microsoft Exchange Folders

Synchronize BlackBerry users’ default Outlook calendars to and/or from public folders, or synchronize BlackBerry users’ folders to and/or from other users.




Sync Contacts

So you keep all of your company contacts in a single Exchange public folder or in multiple public folders and you want each of your users to have any new and updated company contacts available on their mobile devices. You may have a ‘gatekeeper’ in the office responsible for adding and maintaining the company contacts and you just want to set up a one way sync to push these contacts to your users for viewing only. Or you may want to have a copy of the contacts your users create on their mobiles to personal folders to also sync back to the main contact folder, and / or to the other users’ on the team. It’s up to you!

Share and Protect Valuable Company Contacts

Synchronize your users’ contacts created in their own Outlook personal folders or mobiles to an Exchange public folder. For those users who also add personal, non-business related contacts (family, friends, doctors) in the folder, simply enable the Do Not Copy Private feature for the user to mark the contact private.

Sync Contacts from Multiple Exchange Folders to Users’ Personal Folders

If you have your company contacts in multiple contact public folders – separated by territory, region, industry or contact type (vendors, clients etc), you can synchronize multiple public folders of Contacts to each of your users’ Outlook personal folders. NOTE: For viewing on mobile devices, please make sure the mobile devices being used support multiple folders.

Emergency Contact Lists

Sync your important vendor contact lists (telecom, utilities, insurance, legal, etc) to your designated team leaders for easy access in an emergency event or natural disaster.




Keep Executives or Team Leaders and their Assistants on the Same Page

Synchronize between two personal folders for private to private synchronization or synchronize from one personal folder to many users’ personal folders. Ideal for administrative assistants who needs to view and coordinate an executive’s schedule and address book contacts.

Share Information Between Business Partners

Help business partners easily share appointments and business contacts with one another by setting up a private to private sync.




Sync between Two Different Exchange Servers with Add2Outlook

Some users need to sync between two different Exchange accounts in different organizations or to Office 365. Our sync tool Add2Outlook can sync this easily.

Running a hybrid platform? Sync between Office 365 and On Premise Exchange folders using Add2Outlook

If you have a hybrid platform in place and need to sync your Office 365 folders with an on-premise Exchange server folders.



Sync and Share Resource Calendars

A resource calendar copied to users’ mailboxes. A resource calendar copied to a public folder for distributed access.

Sync a Resource Mailbox

Simplify scheduling meeting rooms. Many organizations have transitioned from public folders to using resource mailboxes to take advantage of the free/busy connector for Calendaring. Our sync tools will work with either configuration and easily convert from one to another. For example, not sure when that conference room is available for a meeting? Save time trying to find out by using our software to create a one way or bidirectional sync so you can view room availability and make room bookings effortless.




Identical ‘Twin’ Copies of Public Folder and Users Personal Folders

Set up synchronization of appointments, contacts, tasks, and/or posts so your users’ personal folders and the public folders match with the same information. Remember to train your users to keep non-business related items in a different folder to maintain the integrity of your business data.


Access Projects Stored in your Exchange Public Post/Mail Folders

Going out of town for business or family emergency and need to access to your Exchange folders? Sync Exchange post/mail folders to your personal folders for viewing on your tablet. Make sure your mobile device connects using Exchange ActiveSync and to your Outlook folders.

Make a Back Up Copy of Public Folders or Give Management/Owners a Single Snapshot View

Synchronize between two public folders for backup purposes or for a consolidated folder. This can give higher level management/owners a snapshot view of all department business contacts or calendar folders in one central public folder.

Sync Mail Folders

Use this type of sync for a Group monitored folder or inbox. Ideal for faxes, support emails and enable with unidirectional or bidirectional edits and deletes.

Sync Notes Folders

You may be using notes as a quick reference tool. Wouldn’t it be nice to share those sticky notes with your business partner or even your assistant in case someone in your office is covering for you when you’re away from the office or on vacation?

Protect your Corporate Email with Add2Exchange Enterprise

Let’s face it – you just can’t be in the office all of the time. Set up Confidential Email Post Notifier to monitor your office/work inbox and send a confidential email to a personal email address alerting you that “you’ve got corporate mail” to check, instead of forwarding business-related email communications with any sensitive corporate information outside your company. Read more about Confidential Email Post Notifier…

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