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Sync your Corporate Global Address List (GAL) Contacts to Mobiles Automatically.

Multi-Tenant Sync Tool for sharing GAL between your and your Microsoft 365 Tenants

Cross Tenant GAL Sync between two Microsoft 365/Office 365 Tenants or Exchange Domains


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Public Folder Sync

Automatically sync Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 public folder calendars and contacts with your team’s personal folders for viewing on smartphones and mobiles – iPhones, Androids. Tailor the app to meet your sync needs. Take control – you decide who can view, add, modify and/or delete items. Set up a 1 way, 2 way or full mesh sync. Supports Notes, Tasks, Posts/Mail, Notes folder sync. Sync shared mailboxes, shared folders.

Calendar Sync

Use our calendar sync app to easily manage appointments, meetings, and even schedule resources –conference or meeting rooms. Calendar management made easy. Create an Exchange group calendar from users’ personal calendars. Set up a calendar sync for different departments to specific users, or even between two users’ personal calendars. Feature rich and versatile to support many different sync scenarios.

GAL Sync

Automatically sync global address list (GAL) to mobiles for a consolidated, up to date corporate contact list. Sync all or some of  your GAL contacts. Include or exclude selected distribution lists, or even add photos to help your users easily identify who is calling from the office. Supports Microsoft 365 / Office 365 GAL sync, on-premise Exchange GAL sync. Centrally managed and administered. GAL Sync Manager overview

Contact Sync

Use our contact sync app to automatically synchronize your public folder contacts with user mailbox Contacts (or sub-folders) for up to date address book contact lists, for viewing on smartphones and for caller ID recognition. Sync between any combination of public and personal folders including subfolders. If you don’t use public folders, you can set it up to sync between personal folders.  Multiple sync scenarios. Supports 1-way, 2-way or full mesh sync.

Go Hosted

For those who prefer a hosted cloud-based sync solution, consider our DidItBetter Sync services. Ideal for organizations who don’t have a replication machine to install our calendar and contact/GAL sync app on or for organizations who prefer to go hosted. Whether you install our app in house or are looking for a SaaS hosted solution, we are the ideal vendor who provides a proven sync solution regardless of your platform preference. 

Multi-Tenant Cross Tenant GAL Sync

Sync and share the Global Address List (GAL) contacts between two or more tenants or domains. Share the address book from one to other tenants in Microsoft 365 or between two Exchange organizations/domains. Our cross tenant GAL Sync solution is ideal for a single organization set up in a multi-tenant environment, a multi-forest company deployment with more than one AD, a parent company and its subsidiaries, company mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, company spinoffs or demergers. 

Looking for an affordable GAL Sync software alternative or Exchange Sync replacement solution? 

Is your sync software vendor closing its doors or no longer supporting new platforms? Connected Software announced earlier this year that they are winding down operations and shutting down September 30, 2022. For affordable Epicenter Server GAL sync alternatives and a replacement solution you can count on, let DidItBetter Software help — ask about Add2Exchange for up to date corporate contacts on employees’ phones from the GAL or from an Exchange Public Folder containing contacts or calendar appointments! Automatically send your Microsoft Exchange global address list (GAL) or Exchange public folder contacts lists and calendar appointments to users’ phones (iPhones, iPads, Androids) — set it and forget it! Nothing to install on each individual smartphone, mobile device, or on user workstations (or their virtual machines) – one installation, centrally-managed that works in the background seamlessly. 

Looking for an Exchange sync software vendor supporting the newest platforms? If using CODETWO’s Exchange Sync software which only supports Exchange 2013 (and prior versions) at this time, you might be looking for another Exchange public folder sync app. With organizations migrating to Exchange 2019, 2016, Office 365, we can help. Our Add2Exchange app is timeless … and works with many different platforms (Exchange 2019, 2016 (and prior), hosted Exchange, Microsoft 365 (Office 365) / Exchange Online, hosted Exchange, M365 hybrid, and also supports cross tenant GAL and calendar sync).  Hosted Add2Exchange options available!

Or looking for a new Office 365 GAL sync software vendor? Other solutions out there may be costing your company more than you need to be spending — monthly or annually, or may not be able to offer you what you really need. Give our app a try!

Contact us today for a license recommendation! 

Enterprise Mobility

Need a Microsoft Exchange public folder sync or Office 365 sync solution for your mobile? We rely on our mobile devices daily for information and work. Walk by any public place, whether it’s the courthouse, a healthcare facility, an airport, a restaurant, and you’ll see a professional using their smartphone. Mobile usage has transformed the way we interact and conduct business today. Business executives and professionals are relying on their mobile devices to stay in tune with what’s happening at the office when away from the office or when working remote.

Our sync apps help you better collaborate and share information with your team. Access calendar appointments and contacts when you’re away from the office or working from home. Regardless of your platform (on-premise Exchange, Microsoft 365/Office 365, a hybrid platform) or sync requirements, we have a helpful solution for you!

Product Snapshot

We’re confident we have a sync solution that’s right for you and your organization. Take a minute or two to learn more about our innovative solutions and contact us with any questions. We’re here to help!


  • Platforms supported: on-premise Exchange Server 2019, 2016 (and prior), Microsoft 365/Office 365, hosted Exchange, hybrid platforms.
  • Synchronize calendar and contacts across mailboxes and Exchange public folders. Supports sub-folders.
  • Compatible with mobile devices syncing with your mailbox.
  • Sync Global Address List to mobiles.
  • Multi-tenant, cross tenant GAL sync
  • Support tasks, posts/mail and notes folders, too!

Add2Exchange Enterprise | 365 | Cross Tenant Sync


  • Sync between two local PST files, or sync a PST file with hosted Exchange public folder.
  • Ideal for a single user, use Add2Outlook to manage and sync  calendar and contacts at the office and on the go. Think of Add2Outlook as a personal sync edition.
  • Platforms supported: Microsoft 365/Office 365, hosted Exchange, hybrid, on-prem Exchange.

Add2Outlook Overview…

Hosted Sync Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a hosted option to sync your Microsoft Exchange public folders with Outlook calendars and contacts or you use Microsoft 365 / Office 365 and need to sync your corporate GAL contacts to mobiles, we have a hosted solution for you.

  • Platform: Hosted with hosted DidItBetter Software
  • Hosted DidItBetter Sync App Services

Hosted Solutions overview…

Why Use DidItBetter Software Sync Apps?

We’ve been in business since 1988 and have seen the advancement of enterprise mobile technology in the workplace. Our enterprise sync solutions fill a void in Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 apps. Here are a few reasons we feel our sync apps are a better choice for you.

  • A proven, one stop sync solution. Whether you’re using on-premise inhouse Exchange, Office 365/Exchange Online, hosted Exchange or looking for an Microsoft 365/hybrid, cross-tenant, or a hosted cloud-based sync solution, we got you covered! 
  • Flexible and versatile – many sync scenarios supported. Tailor the software to your sync needs – your preference. For proof of concept, we offer a 21-day trial version so you can give it a try before you buy. You are in total control in how to implement it to meet your goal and sync requirements.
  • Simplified central management and administration. Single point installation, centrally managed and deployed. Nothing to install on individual desktops or mobile devices! 
  • Easy to use. Our solutions work automatically in the background to sync folders based on the settings configured and process interval selected during the install and set up of the software.
  • Software Assurance for free updates and upgrades for 1, 2 or 3 years! Email support is also included under software assurance.
  • Scalable and affordable. Scalable regardless the size of your organization – small companies to businesses with well over 1000 or more users deploy and use our apps. We offer several licensing tiers to accommodate both small and large installations and don’t charge a monthly per user or per device fee. Onboard a new user at no extra cost if you licensed unlimited relationships. For smaller licenses with a limited number of relationships, order one or more depending on the number needed — no 10 pack minimums here. Contact us for a quote!
  • Timeless. Just as great and relevant now as it was when first launched. Through the years and decades later, our award-winning apps are proven having withstood the test of time — and platforms, and Microsoft changes! 
  • Responsive, knowledgeable support. When you need help, our professional techs are ready to assist with remote and phone support under Premier Support. Our techs are experienced in supporting different configurations and committed to providing you the highest level of service. 

Trial versions available in our Downloads area.

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After evaluating other solutions, Add2Exchange was the best solution for us to synchronize between our Exchange public folders — calendars and contacts — to our personal folders for viewing on our iPhones, iPads and Androids…responsive support and great upgrade assurance program.

Jim C.

IT Director, Legal Industry

Thanks for the support you gave me in migrating the Add2Exchange product to my new server environment…it was a bit more involved than I originally planned, but your technical support helped me through this to make sure my transition was complete. Excellent job! And I for one am very happy to have this project off my desk.

John G.

IT Systems Manager, Real Estate Development & Management Company

DidItBetter is always so organized and support has always been great. Love dealing with all of you.

Team Lead

Network Services, Legal Industry, 250 users | satisfied client since 2006