Sync and Share Calendars at Work and on the Go

for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Mobiles
    • Access Public Folder Calendars on iPhones, Androids, Smartphones, Mobile Devices
      • Sync Public Folder Calendars with local Outlook Calendars Automatically
        • Synchronize Calendars between Personal Folders or to a Centralized Company Calendar
          • Sync Calendar Appointments from Smartphones, Mobiles to Exchange and Office 365 Public Folders
            • Sync Shared Calendars
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            Calendar Sync for Exchange, Office 365, Mobiles

            Add2Exchange Enterprise/365 automatically syncs calendar data between any combination of Exchange public calendar folders and/or Outlook personal calendar folders you set up based on the sync settings selected during installation. You can also sync new appointments made on mobiles back to Exchange public calendar folders/Office 365 public folder calendars and to each of the other users involved in the sync mix. Our enterprise sync software simplifies scheduling appointments and keeping calendars up to date in the workplace.

            Common Calendar Sync Uses

            • Enterprise Mobility. Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 lack a key feature mobile workers rely on – – access to Microsoft Exchange public folders and Office 365 public folders on their smartphones and mobile devices when away from the office. To fill this void, we developed Add2Exchange Enterprise 365 which automatically syncs your Exchange public calendar folders with users local Outlook calendars for viewing on iPhones, Androids, iPads, smartphone and mobile devices which connect to Exchange ActiveSync. You can also sync back any new or modified appointments back to the source Calendar folder and to other users in the sync mix.
            • Sync Public Calendar Folder to Users Local Calendar Folder. Synchronize appointments made in your Exchange public folder Calendar to each users’ personal Calendar automatically so users can view scheduled appointments. For example, let’s say you have a dedicated individual in the office responsible for scheduling all appointments in your Company Calendar and you want your users to be able to view these appointments on their mobile devices. You may also want mobile users to be able to create new appointments on their mobile devices and have a copy of these appointments sync to the public folder and each of the other users on the team to facilitate and streamline scheduling. And also for viewing on mobiles.
            • View Calendar Updates Away from the Office. Things come up and you can’t be in the office all the time. You have meetings with clients or vendors/contractors, seminars/conferences//training to go to, business travel, jury duty or court dates to attend, and other business errands to run. Appointments get pushed back or cancelled, new appointments are scheduled, and you need to be able to view these added or changed appointments on your smartphone – automatically. Mobile enterprise sync apps like Add2Exchange help you stay connected and up to date by automatically sharing this information with you when you’re on the go.
            • Centralized Team Calendars for Managers and Appointment Setters. Synchronize your users’ personal folder calendar to a public folder and vice versa. Create a group calendar folder by synchronizing new appointments made in each of the users’ personal calendar folder to an Exchange public folder calendar so managers and appointment setters at the office can view everyone’s appointments in one consolidated view. For those who create non-business related appointments in their personal folders, you can enable the Do Not Copy Private feature to keep calendar items marked as ‘private’ from synchronizing.
            • Sync Multiple Calendars to your Executives, Managers, or Team Leader Folders. So you want to get a better handle of where your team or business associates are to better facilitate and coordinate team meetings when you’re away from the office. Whether you use multiple public folder calendars for each department or project, or would like a copy of your team’s personal calendars available for viewing on your mobile, you can set up a public to private or private to private sync.
            • Sync a Shared Calendar with your Team. Create a shared calendar to automatically sync new or modified appointments to your team so everyone is on the same page and for improved scheduling management.
            • Get a Handle on Meetings and Special Events. Why rely on meeting requests ‘Invite Attendees’ that can be missed or overlooked in someone’s inbox? Schedule your meetings, training sessions, events with confidence. Post a meeting, holiday party, or team building event on the corporate calendar and have it automatically appear on your users’ personal calendars.
            • Sync H/R Related Events to your Staff. Human Resource departments use our software to communicate holidays, staff meetings, training, and other H/R related dates, appointments and meetings to employees.
            • Sync Blackberry, BES with Microsoft Exchange Folders. Synchronize BlackBerry users’ default Outlook calendars to and/or from public folders, or synchronize BlackBerry users’ folders to and/or from other users.
            Automatically sync appointments made in one calendar to another calendar

            Synchronize Your Calendars with Add2Exchange Enterprise 365 Sync Software

            Add2Exchange Enterprise 365 is an award-winning calendar synchronization solution used by businesses and organizations worldwide to automatically sync calendar appointments between any combination of Exchange/Office 365 public folders and Outlook mailbox folders and for enterprise mobility. You can use our app to easily sync and share calendar appointments with your team for better information sharing, improved collaboration, up to date calendar management, and to save time waiting for meeting calendar invitation responses.

            Platforms Supported

            • Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013 (and prior versions)
            • Office 365/Exchange Online
            • Hosted Exchange
            • Office 365 Hybrid

            Types of Sync

            • Sync Exchange Public Calendar Folder to Personal Folder
            • Synchronize Office 365 Public Folder Calendar to User Mailbox Folders
            • Sync Personal Folder Calendars with Public Folder or Shared Calendar Folder
            • Sync Calendar Appointments from iPhones, Androids, Mobiles to Exchange
            • Sync Resource Mailboxes for scheduling conference rooms, meeting rooms, A/V equipment.
            • Private to Private Sync between two users calendar folders

            Sync Modes

            • Many to One
            • One to Many
            • Many to Many
            • One to One

            Types of Replication

            • 1-way View Only
            • Bi-directional, 2-way Sync Between Folders
            • Full Mesh Sync

            Add2Exchange also supports Contacts, GAL Sync, Tasks, Posts, Notes.

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            Top Reasons to Use Add2Exchange

            • Simplified Guided, Single Point Install. Nothing installed on each individual desktop or mobile device. Our automated guided install takes you through installing the app on one box which will act as your replication machine.
            • Centrally Managed and Deployed for Efficient Administration. On-boarding /off-boarding users, modifying sync relationships, running updates are all handled from one central place saving you time.
            • Many Sync Scenarios Supported. Versatile and feature-rich so you can tailor it to your organization’s sync requirements. We have built and enhanced our enterprise mobility and Exchange public folder synchronization software over the past 20 years to keep up with changing platforms and mobile technology trends. After all, no two businesses are exactly alike. Our app gives you options so you can take full control of your data and information sharing in your organization.
            • Easy to Use. Works automatically in the background based on the sync setting and any modifiers selected during the install. Add/modify contacts as you normally would in Outlook or on your mobile.
            • Sync Experts and Responsive Support. We have built and enhanced our enterprise mobility, on premise Exchange and Office 365 GAL sync apps over the past 20 years to keep up with changing platforms and mobile technology trends. After all, no two businesses are exactly alike. We give you options so you can better collaborate with your team, take full control of your data, and improve information sharing in your organization. Our team of professionals are responsive and provide top notch support when you need it.
            • Scalable and Affordable. We offer several licensing tiers to accommodate both small and large installations. We don’t charge you monthly per user or per device. Call us for a quote!

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