Calendar Sync

Use our DidItBetter Software Calendar sync apps to automatically sync appointments between selected calendar folders (Exchange public folder Calendar(s) and/or user mailbox Calendars with other user mailboxes, for example).

  • Office 365 Calendar Sync for Office 365, Hosted Exchange, Office 365 Hybrid or on premise Exchange users planning to migrate to one of the other platforms: select Add2Exchange 365
  • On-Premise Exchange: select Add2Exchange Enterprise
  • If you also need to sync Contacts/GAL, Tasks, Posts, Notes, select a Sync Suite app.

You can license one folder type (Calendars) or the Sync Suite (Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Posts, Notes). Each new license includes 1 year software assurance for free updates and upgrades available for download from our website and basic email support for the duration of the software assurance term. 2 and 3 year software assurance options are also available – after adding a license to your cart, select one of the Extend Software Assurance options when you view your shopping cart. Our license value bundles also include a 4 hour block of Premier Support for remote/phone support help.

HOSTED: If you are looking for a hosted option or don’t have a replication machine to install our app on, view HOSTED SYNC.

Need a license quote? Start a live chat or leave us a message, email or call us USA/Canada (813) 977 5739 |  Outside USA/Canada +1 (813) 977 5739

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