Recovery and Migration Manager

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Recovery and Migration Manager (RMM) is a helpful Add2Exchange add on tool for fixing folder IDs and mappings for Add2Exchange relationships which go into “alert status” due to changes in underlying Exchange folder/mailbox IDs. You can use it to recover active relationships when someone’s default email address changes, for example a name change due to marriage or divorce. This tool goes hand in hand with the Add2Exchange version installed, so when Add2Exchange is upgraded, Recovery & Migration Manager should be also.

Most often, the Recovery and Migration Manager is used to repair active Add2Exchange relationships in alert status when accounts change, after a move of a user to any other server or organizational unit, Exchange version. It can be used after an Exchange failure or migration, Exchange cluster failover, or any other time the IDs of the source, destination folders or names change, and after a folder is deleted and restored.


Key Features and Benefits


  • Easily and automatically restore and recover alerted relationships if still active to avoid duplication
  • Repoint relationships as you migrate your Exchange server versions
  • Remap relationships to original source and/or destination folders
  • Minimize the ‘stale data’ period of not syncing and downtime and recover from Exchange failures
  • Assists with Add2Exchange disaster recovery
  • Helps with relationship migrations
  • Assists to repair broken templates
  • Minimizes chances of duplication

When to Use Recovery and Migration Manager

  • You are moving mailboxes served by Add2Exchange to a new server or mailbox store
  • You are migrating Exchange servers
  • You are restoring an Exchange backup to a Recovery Storage Group
  • You are using an Exchange failover solution or cluster to perform a hot-failover which will remain in service for any significant period of time
  • Your organization had an Exchange disaster and had to recover where the IDs are different after the restore
  • You have a number of alerted relationships and do not want to manually clean up after a rebuild or you do not have the Add2Exchange ToolBox
  • You were reorganizing or moving mailboxes or public folders between storage groups/servers – may need to run Preinstaller if new Databases were created
  • You deleted and restored folders with existing relationships which now have new IDs after the restore/move
  • You are migrating your entire Exchange Server


How It Works

The Recovery and Migration Manager processes existing relationships in alert, queries Exchange for new folder IDs, and allows the Service Account user to re-select the ORIGINAL or RESTORED folders and rebuild the relationships without causing duplication, without rebuilding and without having to use tools to manually remove destination items.

Caution: Without this tool, if a user manually removes any A2E destination items on a bi-directional relationship that specifies to delete source if destination item is deleted, if Add2Exchange replicates again, it will do exactly what the relationship says to do and will remove the source items. The new relationship will create duplication.  The Add2Exchange Recovery and Migration Manager eliminates this potential problem with the least impact on computer processing and user experience.




If you purchased one of our Add2Exchange Enterprise value bundles, the Recovery & Migration Manager is included in this bundle – please check your license key email for Recovery & Migration Manager if you haven’t yet activated the product.  To use the Recovery and Migration Manager tool, you will need to have a Recovery and Migration Manager license in addition to your Add2Exchange license.


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