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Add on tools for your IT team

We offer several helpful add-on tools to help your IT/Exchange administrators manage and support your Add2Exchange or Add2Outlook installations.

A2O ToolKit

For Add2Exchange and Add2Outlook licensees, the ToolKit features five useful tools for analyzing original against copied items, changing items between fields, updating forms, removing copied item and/or hidden fields from items. Learn more about the A2O ToolKit…


Recovery and Migration Manager

For Add2Exchange licensees, the Recovery and Migration Manager is a dual-purpose tool. It remaps existing Add2Exchange relationships when the Exchange IDs of relationship folders change. This is the case when either the folders have been restored during an Exchange recovery, or when migrating mailboxes to a new server. Read more about the Recovery & Migration Manager…

“You have to have the right tools for the job”, Dad said. Growing up, Dad always taught us the importance of having and using the right tools to get the job done right the first time.