Recovery & Migration Manager License


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Add On Tool License for Add2Exchange Enterprise or Add2Exchange 365 Edition

The Recovery & Migration Manager is a helpful tool which fixes folder ID and mappings for Add2Exchange relationships which go into alert status due to changes in Exchange folder/mailbox IDs. Use it to recover active relationships when someone’s default email address changes. Use Recovery & Migration Manager to repair active Add2Exchange relationships in alert status when accounts change, after a move of a user to any other server or organizational unit, Exchange version. It can be used after an Exchange failure or migration, Exchange cluster failover, or any other time the IDs of the source, destination folders or names change, and after a folder is deleted and restored. The Recovery & Migration Manager tool should only to be used with Add2Exchange and run as the Add2Exchange Service Account.

Recovery & Migration Manager add on tool is sold and licensed separately from Add2Exchange. If you purchased an Add2Exchange license value bundle, then the Recovery & Migration Manager license was included in your purchase.

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