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Sync GAL between two different Exchange servers or two Office 365 tenants with no trust

Add2Outlook is a practical sync solution for those interested in syncing folders or the GAL between two different Office 365 tenants with no trust or syncing between two different Exchange servers with no trust. Use Add2Outlook for Office 365 GAL sync to your iPhones and Androids, or to sync your hosted Exchange calendar and contact folders to personal folders for viewing on your smartphones and tablets. Add2Outlook supports different sync scenarios so you can configure the software to sync items between any combination of personal or public folders, shared folders, or even resource mailbox folders. Add2Outlook helps you synchronize calendar, contact, task, post/mail, notes folders across mailboxes and Exchange public folders or sync your global address list (GAL) to users’ personal folders for viewing on mobiles using the same replication engine as our Add2Exchange Enterprise Edition. This solution can also be used for Outlook users who need to replicate between two local PST files or who need to sync a PST file with a hosted Exchange Server public folder or are looking for private to private replication in a hosted Exchange platform.


Common Add2Outlook Sync Uses

  • Sync between two different Exchange servers with no trust
  • Sync between two different Office 365 tenants with no trust
  • Outlook users interested in private to private replication in a hosted Exchange or Office 365 environment
  • For Outlook users who want to replicate between two local PST files, or a PST file with a hosted Exchange Server public folder
  • Office 365 calendar sync
  • Office 365 GAL contact sync for viewing on iPhones, Androids, smartphones
  • Sync Office 365 contacts or hosted Exchange public folder contacts to personal folders for viewing on iPhones, mobiles
  • Resource scheduling or sync resource mailboxes for hybrid (on-premise Exchange with hosted Exchange/Office 365)
  • Exchange public folder sync or shared folder sync with users’ mailbox folders
  • For those who don’t have access to install server-side software on their in house Exchange or hosted Exchange
  • Sync to/from subfolders. For mobile devices which support subfolders, you can select a different folder to sync to for keeping personal contacts and appointments separate from company contacts and appointments.
  • Sync local or Exchange hosted folders and or Office 365 folders. Also sync CRM and Sharepoint folders with sufficient rights and permissions

Add2Outlook Highlights

  • Folder support: calendar, contacts, tasks, posts/mail, notes folders
  • Type of replication: 1-way view only, 2-way bi-directional, full mesh sync, unidirectional GAL sync
  • Configure parameter settings to determine how added items, modifications and deletions are handled
  • Sync modes: Many to one, one to many, many to many, one to one … and more!
  • For multiple users, install and manage your sync configuration on a single workstation acting as your replication machine
  • Sync Exchange or Outlook online accounts to local PST files
  • Compatible with RPC over HTTP
  • Mobile device support for iPhones, Androids, Blackberry, Windows phones, any smartphones and tablets which connect to Exchange ActiveSync
  • Supports syncing between two different Exchange servers (no trust) or two Office 365 tenants (no trust)
  • Supports Office 365 hybrid platforms. Office 365, Hosted Exchange, on-premise Exchange 2016 and prior
  • Supports Outlook 2016 and prior versions.Hosted Add2Outlook Sync Server available if you don’t have a replication machine to install it on or if you prefer a hosted option– refer to Hosted Sync Solutions

The Mobile Worker

Add2Outlook is used by mobile workers who need their company contacts and work calendars accessible for viewing on smartphones and tablets when away from the workplace. Add2Outlook synchronizes and copies appointments and contacts from the selected Microsoft Exchange public folders to your local mailbox folders where it needs to be for mobile device access. You can also easily sync new items made or edited on your mobile back to Exchange public folders (or even to other users).

Key Features

Global address list sync. Use the Add2Outlook GAL Sync Manager to automatically replicate your global address list to selected users’ local mailbox contacts for viewing on smartphones. To initialize GAL synchronization, the contacts from your active directory will populate into a ‘GAL Cache’ folder (ex. a public folder or other Outlook folder such as private mailbox or resource folder dedicated for caching the GAL contents). Once the GAL synchronization is initialized, you’ll set up your sync relationships from the source folder (GAL Cache folder) to the destination folders for each of the users you want to share and replicate it to. The GAL contacts will automatically sync down to each of the selected users’ personal folders and from there the device’s sync software takes over for viewing on the phone. Learn more about Add2Outlook GAL Sync Manager…

Central management with built in console. Easily add and remove users from the sync mix, or modify replication settings with just a few clicks. The Add2Outlook console is located as an Add In option in Outlook.


Integrated folder cloning. Make individual folders automatically for any new relationships. Folder cloning creates a mirror image of the folder structure from a template account to multiple destination mailboxes. This is useful when creating a new folder structure for sync purposes when you want a separate, non-default folder to receive the contents of synchronization from a source folder, but you do not have the desired folder structure made in the destinations yet.

Custom form support. Works with your Outlook custom forms when published to both locations.


Relationship Attributes. Once installed, configure the folder relationship with the type of replication needed for additions, modifications, and deletions. For example, if the source item is deleted, the destination item can be deleted or marked as deleted, or set to do nothing at all. If users make changes to their own copy of the item, settings in the folder relationship within Add2Outlook can be set to untie the original copy to preserve the changes made in the private copy and then make a new tied copy from the source, overwrite the changed copy, or do nothing.

Date range control for past and future calendar recurrences. Specify how far into the past and future to sync recurring appointments. The “Sliding Date Range” feature for recurring appointments saves replication time by reducing the number of items to process when replicating items very far in the past. Add2Outlook copies all items within the date range specified from the source to destination folder(s), will copy recurring items, and handle exceptions to recurring items if the original recurring item is within the replication period.

Add-on tools for IT administrators. Helpful tools are included in the A2O ToolKit add-on including special functions for global forms replacement, advanced reset and ‘start over’ options, higher level reporting and analytical tools. Learn more about the Add2Outlook ToolKit add on …


We are a hosted Exchange user and I have been using Add2Outlook for over five years now, and it works beautifully to sync a public shared (Exchange) calendar to a personal calendar so our appointments can be synchronized to our mobile devices – we use BlackBerry, iPhones, and iPads . Initially, I had some problems which were unique to my hosting and the engineers from DidItBetter continued to pursue the problem and fixed them all. Their premium support is well worth it. I highly recommend Add2Outlook for anyone in a hosted Exchange environment… it’s an awesome solution.

Tammy O.

Technology Services Director, Real Estate Industry, user since 2011

We needed an Office 365 solution. When we had on premises Exchange, we used Add2Exchange to sync our global address list to our users’ mobiles and didn’t realize how heavily we relied on it until we moved to Office 365. When we migrated, we contacted DidItBetter to see if they had another sync tool we could use and they came through for us once again with Add2Outlook Server. Their support team was very helpful (and patient with us) with the transition from Add2Exchange Enterprise to Add2Outlook and developed a nifty conversion program to avoid duplication and dereplication.

James D.

Chief Technology Officer, Legal Industry, user since 2012


  • Scalable and flexible. License one folder type (Add2Outlook Calendars or Add2Outlook Contacts) or the Add2Outlook Sync Suite (Contacts, GAL Sync Manager, Calendars, Tasks, Posts, Notes). Our licensing is simple with just a few licensing tiers – 2, 10, 50 or unlimited relationships. The unlimited relationship license covers one replication server so you can create ‘relationships’ as needed when adding new users or folders to the sync mix. If Calendars and Contacts are required and synced at different intervals, discounted licenses are available for additional installations when purchased with the main license.

What is a relationship? Every source to destination combination (folder pair) equals one relationship. The source is the folder the items are created in and the destination is the folder you want these items to sync to.

  • Software subscription with free updates and upgrades for 1, 2 or 3 years. Your software subscription also includes basic email support on the licensed sync product for 1, 2 or 3 years.
  • Responsive tech support. Our license value bundles include a block of Premier Support for 4, 8, or 12 hours of remote and phone support with one of our DidItBetter Software techs.

Prefer a hosted option or don’t have a replication machine to install Add2Outlook on? No problem, we offer Hosted Add2Outlook Sync Server solutions.

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Ideal Configuration

The Add2Outlook replication machine can be a virtual machine, a hosted azure or one of our monthly hosted Add2Outlook Sync Servers. For one user Add2Outook may be installed on the user’s workstation, however for multiple users syncing from a centralized replication server is the recommended configuration. Add2Outlook takes full advantage of 64 bit machines, so if you’re going to use a 64 bit machine for replication, use Microsoft Outlook 64 bit and make it a dedicated box. When using a centralized replication server, your users can use any version of Microsoft Outlook (OWA, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 or Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016) on their machine since it operates independently.

For multiple users, many set up a dedicated sync account and a ‘replication’ workstation with Outlook installed so all the Add2Outlook relationships replicate from one central place and no users are involved. This centralized sync configuration is easier to manage and back up and since Outlook must be open at all times for Add2Outlook to replicate on a timed basis and removes any user interference. A service account with proper access permissions is also often created to maintain a tight security model since no elevation of privileges is required for any existing user. For additional information, please review our product documentation. For hosted users, your sync times depend on your connection to the Internet, the speed and capacity and load of the sync machine and of course the back end connection of your host provider. Occasionally since we are syncing data, host providers may need to allow for a “non-throttled” service account – check with your host provider for more details.

If you don’t have a replication machine to install Add2Outlook on or prefer a hosted option, no worries. We have a solution for you — Hosted Virtual DIB Sync Server. We provide a dedicated virtual replication machine with hosted Add2Outlook installed and configured by one of our DidItBetter Software certified engineers. Email or live chat with us for more information and your options.

Add2Exchange licensees: Please review this support topic on Converting from Add2Exchange to Add2Outlook and contact us for your crossgrade path. This topic also includes Add2Outlook new installation tips. If you are looking for a cloud sync solution, ask about our Virtual DIB Sync hosted options.

How It Works

Add2Outlook is used to synchronize items from one folder to another. Every source to destination combination equals one relationship. The source is the folder new items are made in and the destination is the folder you want these items to sync to. You can sync between two Outlook folders of the same type (calendars, contacts, tasks, posts, notes) in any of the supported folder combinations (private to private, private to public, public to private, many private to one public or shared and so forth). Although Add2Outlook does not have to be connected to an Exchange Server to replicate between calendars within a PST, the most common use of Add2Outlook is to synchronize a group or shared Outlook folder with users’ personal folders so your mobile devices’ sync software can then access for viewing on your smartphone or tablet.

The first time replication occurs, the items are copied from the designated source folder to the destination (target) folder. The next time replication occurs only additions and changes are replicated; the items are updated, changed, or removed, depending on the parameters you set during the configuration (i.e.the predefined folder relationship settings you configured). Once set up, Add2Outlook can either work on a manual basis, or a timed interval or on a reoccurring schedule in the background. Keep in mind In order for replication to occur, Outlook has to be open in the correct profile in order to synchronize and if syncing from a public folder, the Exchange Server has to be available and online.

In Outlook 2003, Add2Outlook will not automatically connect to execute a timed replication from an offline state and any Outlook’s security warnings must be disabled as specified later in this document.


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