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It’s simple — avoid using personal email accounts for business communications. Let’s face it, you can’t be at the office all the time and shouldn’t have to rely on switching between work and personal mobile phones or phone profiles for work email. High level executives, key employees, or remote workers need to know when to check in and access their on-site corporate email account. A user who is out of the office should be able to access their office email from a smartphone, tablet, or computer device rather than resorting to using a personal email account for work-related emails.

If we learned anything from the political hype surrounding personal email use, you can avoid the pitfalls of confidential email misuse and protect sensitive company data. Exchanging confidential work-related emails using your personal email accounts is irresponsible and not safe. There’s no excuse for exchanging workplace email communications and using a personal email server or using your third party personal email accounts (such as gmail, hotmail, etc).


The Solution

Confidential Email Post Notifier, available as an Add2Exchange add-on option. You can easily protect your company data by alerting your co-workers they have mail so they can identify a confidential email and then log into their work account to access and respond to the email from their Exchange mailbox account.

Confidential Email Post Notifier monitors an inbox of a user who normally does not access or check his or her corporate email. When someone sends an email to the user’s inbox, the Notifier generates a confidential “tickler” email sent to an outside personal email address instead of forwarding the complete email to an outside personal email address. The Notifier helps maintain the confidential nature and lessens the threat of legal discovery by notifying your employee or remote worker “You’ve Got Mail!” or “You’ve got an Appointment!” without the risk of sending your sensitive information outside the organization’s mail system. This prompts the user to log into their corporate mailbox account to view and respond to the email or to check their corporate appointments.

Another common use of the Confidential Email Notifier alerts users covering inboxes or public folder posts of a new corporate email. This is a refinement on a “moderated public folder” because it can be set to only send partial information to the intended recipient.

You can also use Confidential Email Post Notifier for monitoring someone’s inbox instead of giving full delegation. This means it can be set during a specific time frame while the worker will be away (on vacation, personal leave, maternity/paternal leave, or medical leave). This functionally also helps maintain privacy and security for any past items.

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