Principal Investigation, 8 hour


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You asked us to consider implementing a custom support option on the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) version on a DidItBetter Software product. This Principal Investigation is the basis to determine if the requested changes in programming can be implemented into the current code base as an additional or optional feature and supported going forward. This prepaid plan covers the number of hours for Principal Investigation analysis. If this request is possible to implement, a complete Requirements Document will be provided and a quote for the amount of time necessary and agreed on prior to the start of programming. If it is not possible or the quote to implement this is not accepted, this will be the end of the project.

What is included in the Principal Investigation is the assignment of a Certified DidItBetter Engineer to develop a clear Requirements Document, with whatever Premier Remote/Phone Support Services necessary to investigate and design a way to implement the requirements. This includes but is not limited to analyzing data structures, process flows and gather the necessary resources to be able to create a firm quotation and estimate a timeframe for implementation.