1 year software assurance renewal Add2Exchange 365 Enterprise Suite unlimited rel value bundle w 4 hr Premier Support

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1 year software assurance renewal Add2Exchange 365 Enterprise Sync Suite unlimited relationship license value bundle. 

Software Assurance Renewal: 1 year. Covers updates and upgrades on the licensed app available for download from the web and basic email support for the duration of the software assurance term. Basic email support does not cover third party product support, migrations, moves/reinstalling on new replication machine/vm, disaster recovery, email support requests escalated to higher level support for resolution, remote/phone support which require Premier Support. 

Premier Support: 4 hours. Covers up to 4 hours of remote/phone support; sessions held by appointment during normal business hours, excluding U.S. holidays; sessions held weekdays between 9 AM and 5 PM ET. Any overages from a previous block of Premier Support will be deducted from this block of hours. Any remaining time on your Premier Support does not expire until it’s used. NOTE: If during a session additional extra time is used or the remaining time is used up with more support needed, you would purchase another block of hours at pricing in effect at that time. For overages/extra time used, you have three business day to purchase a block of hours or will automatically be billed at overage hourly pricing in effect at that time.