DIB InstaConnect, monthly


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Our DIB InstaConnect remote access service offering complements your existing Premier Support plan. DidItBetter personnel can quickly set up instant screen connect access to the replication machine to eliminate trying to coordinate a time to connect and convey issues while working to resolve the issue reported. The process is even more simplified by allowing anyone who is authorized in your organization to contact us to report an issue.

Here’s how it works: Submit a support request online to open a ticket at http://support.diditbetter.com/support-request.aspx. In the ticket include the contact details of the individual who knows exactly what is going on and who can verify the issue and resolution. Your ticket is placed next in the prioritized queue rotation and one of our first available techs will remotely screen connect to the replication machine. This manages to save time from reporting to resolution and allows Pro Remote Support help during our normal business hours to troubleshoot your issue in a more timely manner. Any passwords or account information for our replication service account provided may be recorded in our timed, limited access encrypted vault enabling login. When the session is completed, we send a remediation report to you and anyone authorized on your records distribution list.

This service is an enhanced offering to your Premier Support plan. If you’re out of time or over on your previous block of Premier Support, you will need to purchase a block of Premier Support hours so one of our techs can provide remote/phone technical support services.

PRICING: The unit price is per month, per connection and the billing lines up with your software assurance subscription end date. To prorate, enter the number of months remaining in your software assurance subscription term, (your expiration date is specified in the license key email we sent you) to see the total price, or contact us if you need help or more information.