Priority Remote Support Single Session, up to 1 hour in one session




This Priority Remote Support session covers up to 1 hour of remote/phone support in a single session. Our DidItBetter Software Support team will connect to the end user’s system to assist with the DidItBetter solution installation, build update/upgrade on same replication machine licensed, create/modify or fix folder relationships (aka relationships therapy), troubleshoot a ‘Do It Yourself’ new installation, and/or diagnostic. This is a single session covers up to 1 hour of remote/phone support services in a single (one) session. Migrations, moves or reinstalling on new replication machine, crossgrades, troubleshooting, and third party product support require a Premier Support plan.

Priority support is scheduled same/next business day or first available appointment Monday through Friday between 9 am to 4 pm ET excluding holidays. Should your session require higher level support services or Microsoft party product support, additional charges will apply with payment due at the end of the session.