Contacts Additional Relationship License

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Use this option for buying additional relationships for DidItBetter Software sync solutions, such as Add2Exchange or Add2Outlook. This is for licensed end users with valid software assurance who need to add more Contact relationships to their license. Select a single relationship to add one additional Contacts relationship, or choose any of our discounted add-on packs.

Once purchased, submit a registration request from the Console License Menu for the total number of relationships (number of relationships in use + the number of additional relationships purchased). The new relationships will line up and be licensed under the same software assurance.

If you’re not sure how many total relationships you need to license, contact us. NOTE: This item is not valid for licensing a different folder type (Calendars, Tasks, Posts, Notes), or if your software assurance expired, or if you need to crossgrade to one of our other sync products.  

Contact us on live chat, by email to, or call 813 977 5739 or 001 (813) 977 5739 ext 100 for your options and pricing.