1yr renewal AddExchange Cross Tenant GAL Sync license between two domains/tenants, with 4 hr block of Premier Support

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1 year subscription renewal of Add2Exchange Cross Tenant GAL Sync license between two different domains or two Office 365 tenants, 4 hr block of Premier Support. This license bundle is for organizations interested in making the contact data available/viewable online in Outlook as an address book between two Office 365 tenants or two different domains. Licenses covered in the renewal: Add2Exchange Cross Tenant GAL Sync license and a discounted Toolkit tool license.

Software Subscription Renewal: 1 year. Covers software assurance for up to one year of updates and upgrades available for download from the web for the duration of your software subscription term. An active software subscription is required to continue using the app.  Software subscription also covers basic email support for the duration of the term. Email support does not cover third party product support, migrations, moves/reinstalling on new replication machine/virtual machine, disaster recovery, remote guided/phone support which require Premier Support in place prior to the service/support session.

Premier Support: 4 hours. Covers up to 4 hours of remote / phone support with one of our engineers for help with the installation, upgrade, sync configuration, migration/moves to a new replication machine, basic troubleshooting. Sessions are by appointment during our normal business hours, weekdays between 9am and 5pm ET, excluding holidays. When the time is used and if additional support time is needed, you would just buy another block of hours (available in increments of 4, 8 ,or 15 hours at the pricing in effect at that time.  Any remaining Premier Support time does not expire until it’s used up.

If your software subscription expired, contact us for a quote.