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This license transfer is only available to a licensed end user who has valid software assurance in place. If your software assurance expired, a current version upgrade license purchase is required before transferring the software to a new replication machine – contact us for your options and pricing.

DidItBetter Software sync products are licensed to the replication machine stated in the license address registration request submitted which contains the unique combination for a specific Exchange server name, a specific Exchange Organizational Unit, a specific replication service account and on a specific replication server at the time of purchase. Because the license key issued is based on the combination of the installed server name, Exchange server name, service account and Exchange Organizational Unit (License Address) and replication server derived from your license registration request, any changes to the license address requires a license transfer fee.  

A license transfer is needed for:
• An Exchange or Replication Server crash requiring a rebuild of the server unless you name it the same thing again
• Any changes to the DiditBetter Software replication service account display name
• Moving the DidItBetter Software replication service account to a new Exchange /ou can cause a license transfer, especially an Exchange Migration
• A new or renamed Exchange Server netbios name or a new cluster or CAS name
• A new or renamed “replication server” name where the DidItBetter Software is installed
• An Exchange Migration from an older version to a newer version or a new exchange “/o/ou” combination after a migration. Recommended add-on tool for Add2Exchange: Recovery and Migration Tool to facilitate — see category Add-On Tools to purchase this tool license.
• A DidItBetter Software migration where you move where DidItBetter software is installed to one of your other replication machines or virtual machines. Recommended add-on tool: ToolKit — see category Add On Tools to purchase this tool license.

NOTE: Licenses are non-transferable from one company to another company. If you need a quote for multiple locations or for another company, contact us for a quote.

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