Additional Deployment License – Suite licensees

Original price was: $2,095.00.Current price is: $1,495.00.



Discounted Additional Deployment licenses are available when purchased at the same time as a main license. Valid software assurance is required for both the main license and any additional deployment license(s) purchased. Once installed and purchased, you would submit a registration request from the DidItBetter console License menu.

You may need an Additional Deployment license if:

  • Your company or organization is fairly large and has a testing environment to test before going into production.
  • You, as a licensed user, require different periods for syncing, so an additional replication machine must be used to facilitate other syncing cycles for other Folder Types. This can be valid for sync of multiple source folders or different folder types to a large number of users.
  • The licensee utilizes a Disaster Recovery site which needs to be hot licensed.
  • Your company or organization is global with several sites across the world. In this case, it would NOT be efficient to sync from, for example North America the mailboxes for the users homed in an Exchange server in Asia or Europe. Ideal synchronization would be a local instance of DidItBetter Software to service the local users in North America, another in Asia, another in Europe. DidItBetter Software’s sync products can’t have two instances running off the same source folders, but can sync to users in other sites any other information they need, like a contact or calendar pub or consolidated folders.

NOTE: If you already purchased a new license and now need to add an additional deployment license, contact us for your options to line it up with your current software assurance term. If your software assurance expired, contact us by email, call 813 977 5739 or 001 813 977 5739 ext 100 for an upgrade quote.