1 year Hosted DidItBetter Sync Contacts Bundle w 8 hr block of Premier Support


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If you prefer a hosted option OR don’t have a replication machine to install one of our DidItBetter Software sync products on, we offer the Virtual DidItBetter (DIB) Sync Server. We provide a dedicated replication virtual machine with one of our sync solutions installed and configured under Premier Support by one of our DidItBetter certified techs.


  • 1 year Discounted Virtual DIB Sync Server
  • 1 year Discounted Hosted DidItBetter Contacts/tools unlimited relationships software subscription
  • 8 hour block of Premier Support for up to 8 hours of remote/phone support. When the time is used up and if additional support is needed, you would buy another block of hours available in increments of 4, 8, or 15 hours.
  • One DIB InstaConnect Service for the hosted virtual machine and head end monitoring of the machine’s critical updates, services and statuses for faster resolutions and smoother information flows. Any maintenance, adds, moves, changes, migrations needed are covered under your Premier Support plan.