Pre-Sales Trial Version FAQ

Below are answers to common pre-sales questions on DidItBetter Software sync app trial versions.

Do you have a trial or demo? Is it limited?

We offer one 21-day fully functional trial version so you can test the app to make sure it meets your sync requirements before ordering a license. You can download a trial version of our calendar and contact sync apps in our Downloads area.

During the trial, there is no limitation on how many sync relationships you can create for testing. For anyone trying out the GAL synchronization features, there is no limit of how many mailboxes you can sync to during testing. We do recommend you consider licensing the app a few days before the trial ends to get your licensing squared away and avoid interruption in synchronization.

When you visit our Downloads area, you will be asked to create an account to access this part of our website, then asked to log in. Evaluation email support is available for trial users who provide accurate contact information and a valid corporate email address. The contact information you provide is strictly for our internal use to follow up with you to ensure you are having a successful trial experience and to offer you a license recommendation/quote.

DidItBetter Software respects your privacy and does not sell or share your information. For more information, view our Privacy Policy.

When does the trial countdown start?

The trial countdown begins once you install the trial version and create your first synchronization relationship. You can use it for 21 days. Before creating the first sync relationship, make sure you have enough time to fully test during this time since the trial can’t be extended. Each folder type/module has its own separate trial clock. For example, you can initiate a trial for Calendar synchronization now, then try Contact synchronization at a later time. Make sure you have time to fully test and evaluate the app during this time.

Is any DidItBetter app installed on each individual machine/vm and mobile device?

We like to keep things simple. It’s a single point installation, meaning you install it on one machine which acts as your replication device. You will not need to install our app on each and every individual workstation, mobile or smartphone device. The installation and any configuration is all handled from one place giving you full control to centrally manage the synchronization tasks. Save time and reduce your workload by not having to worry about installing, deploying, and maintaining the app on multiple systems and devices.

What happens when the trial ends? Do we have to reinstall and set it up again when we buy a license?

You need to license the app to continue using it – contact us for a quote. When the trial ends, items will stop syncing and the information stays in the destination folder, but will no longer be synchronized with anything added, modified, or deleted in the source folder.

To continue using and enable synchronization once the trial ends, you will need to purchase a license to use the app, then submit a registration request from within the app (product activation instructions). Once your registration request is received, our Licensing Desk will email back license keys. Enter the license key(s) in the console license menu to activate it from trial mode. We automated this step so if the service account receives email, it will auto-license when you open the console. The license key will reactivate syncing and pick up where it left off.

You won’t have to reinstall our sync app unless you installed the trial on a test box instead of a live production machine.

The trial ended. Can we have a few more days?

Once the trial ends, a license must be ordered to activate the app for continued synchronization. Most trial users have a good feel for how our sync app works within 10 to 15 days of installing and using it. When the trial ends, synchronization stops and a license key is needed to activate it for continued use. To activate the app from trial mode, you’ll need to purchase a license and submit a product registration request from within the app.

If you need to continue testing a few more days, smaller licenses are available for ordering to allow you more time to complete testing using a limited number of relationships. For a license quote, contact us.

Can we set up a time to view a demo before downloading a trial?

Yes, we can schedule a time for a quick demo of our app. Send us message on live chat with your sync requirement, number of users, and current platform. One of our consultants will reach out to you to set up a time for a brief demo.

The best way to get a feel for how the app works is to download a trial version from our website.

Which of your DidItBetter sync apps should we try?

If you’re not sure which app is best for you or your client, contact us for a recommendation. Let us know what type of sync you’re trying to accomplish, for how many users/destination mailboxes, and your platform (on premise Exchange, Microsoft 365 fka Office 365, hybrid, hosted Exchange, etc…).

Add2Exchange satisfies most sync requirements for on-premise Exchange 2019, 2016  (and prior versions), Office 365, hosted Exchange, hybrid AD. If you need to set up a cross tenant GAL sync between two different Office tenants/domains, for multiple GAL sync relationships, syncing from one tenant to another tenant in 365, or consolidating GALs from different tenants – contact us for a quote.

Try Add2Outlook for a single user sync between two folders, or for Outlook users who want to replicate between two local PST files, or a PST file with a hosted Exchange public folder.

For those interested in cross tenant GAL sync between two or multiple Office 365 tenants, ask about our DidItBetter Cross Tenant GAL Sync solution.

For those looking for a hosted option, ask about our Hosted DidItBetter Add2Exchange Sync service.

We're trying your app for the first time. Do you offer support if we get stuck during the install?

The installation is pretty straightforward and we automated the installation to make it even easier. You or your designated technical contact can use our simplified one click guided installation to install it on your own. Prior to installing, read the product documentation/install guide for prerequisites, system requirements, and helpful install tips.

And YES, we offer support for first time, new trial users – open a ticket online or leave a message on live chat. Support includes help with the initial install, configuration/setting up, however does not include higher level support with migrations, moves, crossgrades, customization services or support for 3rd party products. We offer a single remote session to install and guide you through best practices. Any initial install support time will just be deducted from the block of Premier Support included in the license value bundle when you order.

You can also access the install guide and DidItBetter knowledgebase full of helpful and informative How To technical articles, FAQs, release notes, product documentation, and self help support topics. 

Sync Features FAQ

Below are common Q&As on sync features. Additional info can be found in our knowledgebase and product documentation. 

What type of folders can your app sync?

  • Contacts
  • Global Address List (GAL)
  • Calendars
  • Tasks
  • Posts (Mail items)
  • Notes (yellow sticky notes)
  • Cross-tenant GAL to GAL sync
  • Cross-tenant calendar to calendar sync

What kind of sync is supported -- 1 way or 2 way?

Our sync solution is very flexible and can be set up based on your sync requirement – 1 way, 2 way or a full mesh sync. You can set it up for view only or allow bi-directional edits. This full-featured app is versatile and supports almost any sync scenario, down to the granular level of field inclusions and exclusions. 

You’re basically creating a relationship between selected folders. Every source to destination combination (folder pair) is a relationship. The source is the folder new items are made in and the destination is the folder(s) you want to sync the source items to. Every relationship is 1 way from the source to the destination folder(s) with either a unidirectional or bidirectional information flow. Unidirectional means the source always wins and overwrites any changes in the destination.  If deleted in the destination, it can be recopied from the source, or not, depending on how you set it up.  A bidirectional information flow allows any source item changes made in the destination folder to  sync back to the source folder; if there are others with this relationship, it then syncs out to others. A ‘full mesh’ relationship is an all around sync, i.e. one where anyone makes an item anywhere and it syncs to all others in the mesh.    

 Please refer to our installation guide or contact us for a more details on available sync settings for your environment.

Is mailbox targeting available?

Yes, during the set up of our sync app, the individual in your organization acting as the DidItBetter Sync administrator will select the source and destination folder(s) you sync to/from depending on your sync requirement. You can sync to a default folder or designate a sub-folder, and it will even create the folder for you automatically.

We're looking for a GAL sync solution. Is the global address list (GAL) synchronized automatically with your app, or is it manual?

Our Add2Exchange Enterprise 365 Contacts and Sync Suite editions supports an automatic, uni-directional GAL sync. For more info, refer to our GAL Sync Manager section in the install guide. 

For those interested in syncing the GAL between two or more different tenants or domains, we also offer a cross tenant sync solutions.

Can we sync one to many or many to one?

Our app support multiple sync modes including one to many, many to one, many to many, one to one, … and more! Take a look in our installation guide for all available options. 

Other helpful topics: Sync models  | Sync uses

Do we get to pick and choose our sync attributes, or is it uniform across the board?

Folder relationships are easily configurable to meet your sync needs so you are in total control and can decide who you want to sync to, and how you want adds, edits, deletions handled. 

Is category filtering supported?

Yes, your DidItBetter Sync Admin can filter which items are synchronized from the source folder to the destination (target) folder(s) based on single or multiple category selection. You can have conditional sync based on categories if you need to sync all items from a source folder. 

How is onboarding handled when we add a new employee down the road?

With the proper configuration and permissions in place, Add2Exchange has integrated automated permissions for onboarding new users, and adding a relationship for a new employee is completely automatic when using the Relationship Group Manager. Simply add the new user to a managed distribution group and the system will automatically make the relationship and any folders needed for syncing and inherit the sync settings of the Template.  If you’re not using the Relationship Group Manager to create and manage relationships, you would make single relationships and configure permissions for each new individual relationship as you go.

Keep in mind if you initially order a license with a limited number of relationships, you may need to add more relationships to your license  — contact us for a quote at that time. With valid software assurance in place, you would qualify for discounted pricing on an additional relationship license with no minimum requirement — add 1 (single) relationship, or if you need multiple, select one of our add on packs, or upgrade to the unlimited relationship license. 

An employee is no longer with our company. Since we want to keep and protect our company data, how do we offboard the user?

If using the Relationship Group Manager, you can remove the individual without even going into the console. Simply remove the offboarded user from the managed distribution lists and the Relationship Group Manager will detect and remove the relationship(s) and de-replicate any copied appointments or contact list data from or to the mailbox. What will be left in the mailbox is the offboarded users original data. NOTE: Many users inspect that data and if there is company information present, they often copy those contacts to a shared folder for distribution to others, or follow up on appointments. 

For additional info or help with offboarding a former employee user, open a ticket online.

Does it sync all items every time or just incremental changes? How often does it do a full sync?

The initial sync will synchronize all items, thereafter incremental updates are synchronized. The sync schedule and frequency is based on the sync parameter settings you designated when configuring the app — refer to the install guide for more info on sync cycle settings.

If you are moving our app to a new replication machine/vm, doing a migration or have a disaster recovery situation with a third party product, open a ticket for a preflight consultation beforehand to make it a smotth transition for your DidItBetter sync users.

Our company just acquired another company and we need to sync the GAL between two different tenants? Do you have a solution for that?

Yes, we offer a cross tenant GAL sync solution and also offer cross tenant calendar sync between two or more tenants/domains. Live chat with us for more info!

GAL Sync Alternative for Epicenter Server FAQ

On February 19, 2022, Connected Software released an announcement about shutting down operations on September 30, 2022 and will no longer be supporting Epicenter Server. The announcement also stated Connected Software will not be accepting orders for Epicenter Server after March 20, 2022. 

We use Epicenter Server for Exchange GAL sync and we need a replacement solution. Can you help?

Yes. Epicenter Server GAL sync users looking for an alternative GAL sync (or Exchange Public Folder contact sync) solution can use Add2Exchange, our award-winning enterprise mobility Exchange and Office 365 sync solution useful for automatically syncing your Exchange GAL , Office 365 GAL, Exchange public folder contacts and calendars to smartphones, mobiles (iPhones, iPads, Androids). Install it in house or go hosted — contact us for a quote!

Our sync app is timeless having withstood the test of time, (and platforms, and Microsoft changes!) through the years.

Exchange Public Folder Sync Alternative for CodeTwo Exchange Sync FAQ

Companies and organizations using CodeTwo’s Exchange Sync will need to find replacement software for public folder sync app when migrating to newer platforms — Exchange 2016, Exchange 2019, Office 365 (Microsoft 365) or who want to automatically sync the GAL to users’ for viewing on smartphones.

We migrated to Exchange 2016 and the sync app we were using CodeTwo Exchange Sync isn't supported. Do you have a solution?

Yes, we got you covered! Our award-winning enterprise mobility sync app Add2Exchange supports Microsoft Exchange 2019, 2016 (and prior versions), hosted Exchange, Office 365/Exchange online (now Microsoft 365/Exchange Online), O365 hybrid. Install it inhouse on one of your machines/virtual machines, or go hosted!

Add2Exchange is easy to install, set up and use. Once set up, it works seamlessly in the background — just set it and forget it! Our app is versatile and flexible supporting many sync scenarios  — exchange public folder contact sync, exchange public folder calendar sync, automatic Exchange GAL or Office 365 GAL sync to smartphones, sync between personal folders, sync calendar and contact items made on employee smartphones to Exchange public folders (or other mailbox), and more! You can tailor the app for 1-way, 2-way or a full mesh sync and you’re in total control on how additions, edits, deletions are handled.

We also cross tenant GAL Sync and calendar sync solutions between two different Office 365 tenants or multiple tenants,  between different Exchange domains, or between Office 365 tenants and Exchange domains. 

For a license recommendation, contact us on live chat with your sync requirement and number of users.

Licensing FAQ

Below are answers to common license questions. For a license quote, contact us.

I'm not sure which license we need. How can I get a quote?

Live chat, call, or email us for a license recommendation – contact us. Let us know what type of sync you’re trying to accomplish, how many users/destination mailboxes, and which platform you’re using. We’ll send back a license recommendation with a quote. When you’re ready to license the app, reply back with the preferred option and we’ll send you an online store payment link to complete the order.

Can we just license one type of folder? We don't need all the bells and whistles.

You can license one folder type- Contacts or Calendars. For those who need to sync different folder types, we offer the Sync Suite.

Is licensing based on the number of items we want to sync, or the number of phones receiving the updates?

If the company GAL is your source for GAL sync, the number of user mailboxes will determine your licensing tier. For example, if you want to sync your company global address list contacts to 30 or 45 users’ for viewing on their smartphones, the closest matching licensing tier would be the 50 relationship license. For 250 users, you would fall under the unlimited relationship licensing tier.

For Calendar or Contact folder sync, it depends on what type of sync you are trying to set up (private to public, public to private, private to private, full mesh, etc), and how many source and destination folders are in the sync mix.  A source folder is the folder new items are created in. The destination folder is the folder you want to sync to. Every source to destination combination (or folder pair) is 1 relationship. You may have one source folder or you may have multiple (many) source folders. You may have one destination folder for a many (sources) to one (destination) sync, or you may have multiple destination folders in a one (source)  to many, or many (sources) to many sync. Contact us for a license quote.

How does your licensing model work?

For Add2Exchange Enterprise 365, we offer five licensing tiers — 2, 10, 20, 50, and unlimited relationships. The unlimited relationships covers all users in a single Exchange organization unit, where the app is installed on one replication machine/vm for one end user company. You can license one folder type (Contacts with GAL Sync Manager or Calendars) or the Sync Suite (Calendars, Contacts with single GAL Sync Manager, Tasks, Posts, Notes). If you have multiple locations, subsidiaries, or need additional deployment licenses, contact us for a quote on multiple licenses.

If you are a hosted services provider interested in offering our sync app to your hosted clients as part of your hosted services solution, or if you are a parent company with several subsidiaries or mulitple branches/locations interested in using our app, contact us for a quote.

For DidItBetter Cross Tenant GAL Sync between two or more tenants or domains, contact us for a quote. 

What counts as a relationship and how many do I need?

Every source to destination combination (folder pair) is one relationship. The source is the folder new items are made in, and the destination represents the target folder you want to sync a copy to. How many you need depends on the number of folder pairs as well as the direction of the relationships for each folder type. Relationships can be made between any combination of folders – user mailbox folders, public folders, resource mailbox etc. – of the same folder type.

For example:

  • If you’re doing GAL contact synchronization, count the number of user Contact mailboxes you want to sync it to. For 35 users, you need the 50 relationship license; for over 50 users, the unlimited relationship license.
  • If you are pushing one source folder to 50 users (destination/target mailboxes), you will need 50 relationships.
  • If you want to create a ‘full mesh’ series of relationships, where users can make items anywhere and replicate everywhere else, the number of relationships is calculated by “n+1 x n” if using a public folder, or “n-1 x n” if not, where n = the number of destination folders. For a full mesh sync of one public folder with 6 users, you will set up 42 relationships and need the 50 relationship license. — the calculation: (6+1) x 6= 42. For a private to private sync among 3 users, you will set up 6 relationships and need the 10 relationship license — the calculation: (3-1) x 3 = 6.
  • If you are mutually synchronizing 10 folders (each folder is both a source and destination, so they essentially form one big folder), then you need N*(N-1) or 90 relationships = unlimited relationships — the calculation: 10 x (10-1).
  • If you’re doing a one-way sync from one public folder to 15 users, you will fall under the 20 relationship licensing tier; for a one-way sync from 10 users personal folder to one public folder, 10 relationships. If you have these relationships set up as bi-directional to allow for editing of the destination folder copied items, you would not count add another relationship.

Let’s say you’re setting up a Calendar sync. An example of a relationship would be from User A’s Calendar folder to User B’s Calendar folder — this would be one relationship. Any new appointments User A makes in his/her Calendar folder will copy to User B’s Calendar folder. A relationship is directional, meaning direction matters. If you also want to sync User B’s new appointments to User A, you would set up another separate relationship from User B to User A’s and this would count as another relationship. In summary, if you need two folders to have the same contents and each user is able to add items in his/her own folder for the other to have a copy, then you need two relationships, one for each direction. This way items added to User A’s folder shows up in User B’s and items added to User B’s folder shows in in User A’s.

A relationship is based on the folder, not the user. Let’s say your user has more than one Calendar folder to be synchronized then each folder requires a separate relationship. Similarly, if you are synchronizing one source folder to multiple destination folders, then each destination folder requires its own relationship.

Keep in mind relationships do not chain, so you cannot synchronize items from folder A to B to C and get the items from A to show up in C. You need to set up a direct relationship to each — from A to B and another direct relationship from A to C. A good example of this is a calendar sync among 3 users Calendar folders with one public folder Calendar. There’s a calendar relationship set up so User 1 Calendar folder will sync to the public folder. That same public folder has three relationships set up to sync to User 1, 2, and 3’s Calendar folders so any new appointment made in the public Calendar will sync to each of these users. When User 1 creates an appointment in his/her own Calendar, it will sync to the public folder but not to User 2 and 3 since the copied items in the public folder from User 1 will not sync automatically to User 2 or 3; you need to set up a direct relationship from User 1 to User 2 and User 1 to User 3 so they can get a copy of User 1’s new appointments.

When you go through the trial and create the relationships, you will have a better idea of the number of relationships you need, or for help determining how many relationships you need to license for each folder type, contact us.

What's a license value bundle?

We simplified our licensing model and created a value bundle with all the essentials. A license value bundle includes the DidItBetter software license of the  sync app folder type(s) listed in your order, helpful tool licenses for the individual or technical contact in your organization managing and supporting your installation while acting as your Add2Exchange/Add2Outlook Sync Admin, and a convenient professional services support plan for higher level support when you need us most.

All new license value bundles include at least one year of software assurance for downloading updates and upgrades to stay up to date with the latest builds and releases. For organizations who prefer a longer term instead of renewing annually, we offer extended software assurance options to 2 or 3 years with a new license order.

The bundle also includes at least 4 hours of Premier Support for remote and phone support help with one of our engineers; 8 hour, 12 hour, and Annual Support options also available. 

Purchasing a value bundle up front offers significant savings over buying each component separately.

I just purchased. When will I get my license key?

You need to submit a registration request from within the software app. Briefly, you would log on to the replication machine, open the DidItBetter Management Console, go to the License menu option to complete end user info and select the folder type being licensed. The license address is located in Step #2. Once you press Accept, the license request will be emailed to our Licensing Desk. For detailed instructions, refer to the product guide under Licensing. You can also reference the following topic: Product Activation instructions. If you need help submitting the request or applying the license keys, open a ticket online.

Once your order is processed and license registration request is received and reviewed by our Licensing Desk, license keys will be emailed to the licensed end user. Save a copy of this email for your records since it contains your license key and software assurance subscription information.

If you are licensing a value bundle, you will receive multiple emails. Each key sent is unique and specific to the folder type, module, and/or tool listed in the email. Each has its own different license key. Make sure you apply the correct license key in the corresponding module (Calendars, Contacts, etc).

NOTE: If the service account mailbox can receive mail, the license keys will auto apply once you receive your license key emails and after you open the Add2Exchange Console or run the Add2Exchange service.

What kind of support do we get with the license?

You have access to our DidItBetter online support knowledgebase full of helpful and informative How To technical articles, FAQs, release notes, product documentation, and self help support topics.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, basic email support is available during your software assurance term. Every new license includes at least one year of email support on the licensed product — two and three year options also available. To request email support, open a ticket online.

Premier Support is also available if you need remote/phone support assistance – visit our Support FAQs for available options and pricing. If you purchase a value bundle, we include a 4 hour block of Premier Support which covers up to 4 hours of remote/phone support help with one of our engineers. Sessions are held by appointment. All license value bundles include at least 4 hours of Premier Support — options available with larger blocks of time. For organizations who prefer an Annual Support plan with their software licenses, contact us for more info on our DidItBetter Annual Support plans.

See also Support FAQ.

Ordering and Downloading FAQ

Below are answers to your questions related to placing an order and downloading our apps.

How do we order?

Online. New licenses and support options are available for purchase on our secure online store — Shop Sync Software. If the item is not listed on our online store, send us an email or start a live chat with us and we will help you with your order. 

By Phone. You can contact us to place an order by calling (813) 977-5739. If you are located outside the USA, dial +1 (813) 977 5739.

If we already sent you a quote, reply back to the email with the preferred option and we will send an email back with a shopping cart link so you can complete your payment online.

For terms and conditions of the sale, view Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy.

Which payment types do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover and bank-issued debit cards for payment. Virtual credit cards also accepted. Order payments are completed on our online store during checkout.

We accept POs for orders over $1500 (US Dollars) with Net 10 day terms if your company prefers to mail a company check. Contact us for a formal quote and email us your purchase order. As the software manufacturer, our terms and conditions apply to the sale. If your Purchasing team has any additional purchasing questions, contact us. Wire transfers may also be arranged for orders over $2000 – contact your dedicated DidItBetter Software account manager when you are ready to complete the order.

How do we get the software once we purchase a license?

Our apps are available as digital software downloads from our website in the Downloads area. We don’t ship any media.

To access the Downloads area, create an account then log in and go to Downloads. There are three packages for each edition of Add2Exchange – New Installs, Upgrades, and Release Candidates. Make sure you understand the difference before downloading.

  • If this is the first time you’re downloading an app, select the full package under the section ‘New Installs’.
  • For existing licensees with valid software assurance in place or trial users checking for updates after a license was purchased, select the app under section ‘Upgrades’.
  • Sometimes we post release candidate beta versions under ‘Release Candidates’. These builds have the latest features, bug fixes, and are generally stable, however you may want stick to the released version if you are not comfortable using beta versions.

Software Assurance FAQ

Below are answers to questions asked about software assurance which is different from support.

What is software assurance?

Software assurance covers updates and upgrades on the licensed app available for download from our website for the duration of your software assurance term. We offer new licenses with a 1, 2 or 3 years software assurance. Software assurance also covers basic email support on the licensed app for the duration of the software assurance term. Basic email support doesn’t cover third party product support, migrations, moves, crossgrades, customization requests, disaster recovery, email support escalated to higher level support for resolution, remote or phone support which require Premier Support.

With valid software assurance in place,  you qualify for discounted licenses add more to your current license if you licensed the app for a certain number of relationships. For those who have Premier Support in addition to active software assurance, you’re also eligible for one free license transfer (value $150) for an upcoming migration/move project — for example if you are moving the app from one replication machine to a newer one or doing an Exchange migration to a newer version that triggers re-licensing.

If I buy a license with 1 year software assurance, do I have to buy a new license each year to continue using it and is it the same price?

A few weeks before your Software Assurance comes up for renewal, we email you a renewal reminder notification. Software Assurance Renewal pricing is less than the price of a new license. We average several updates a quarter and one upgrade per year and we recommend checking for updates monthly.

Add2Exchange licenses are perpetual, however, we recommend keeping your software assurance active to continue receiving any updates and upgrades released instead of buying a new license when a new version is released. If you make a change to your underlying infrastructure or environment (migrations, moves, new platform or O/S etc), it may trigger re-licensing or a newer build so it’s best to keep your software assurance active to avoid having to buy a new license. If Microsoft or Microsoft update services change something which triggers a new release of Add2Exchange, licensed end users with valid software assurance can download and use the new build. Let’s say we release a new build with improved functionality, new features and enhancements, licensed end users with software assurance would be able to use the new build under their software assurance subscription.

Add2Outlook licenses are subscription based and require an active software assurance subscription to also continue using the app.

In summary, you wouldn’t be buying a new license at the same new license price. We offer a discounted software assurance renewal so you can continue receiving the benefit of both free updates and upgrades for your licensed app. Unlike other software providers, we cover build updates and also include upgrades within your software assurance subscription (version 20 to version 21, for example). Many software companies limit software maintenance to incremental updates (for example, for licensed version 20, updates would be 20.1.2 or 20.3.6 not the next full version number up 21).

Does my software assurance cover upgrades to any DidItBetter Software app?

Your software assurance only covers updates and upgrades on the app(s) you licensed for the duration of your software assurance term. If the sync app you’re running is retired (Add2Exchange Standard for example), end users with valid software assurance will be offered a discounted crossgrade path to one of our other DidItBetter Software sync apps (Add2Exchange Enterprise/365, Add2Outlook). Contact us for your crossgrade options.

What happens if I install an update/upgrade after my software assurance term ends?

It will stop replicating until you purchase a license and re-license the app by entering a new license key. Because of changes from version to version, downgrading to a previous version after an update/upgrade is performed is not possible due to the changing technology and we do not guarantee it can be done. Attempting to downgrade and revert a vm machine to a prior state is highly damaging to the sync environment and can cause data issues requiring hours to remediate.

Before installing an update/upgrade on the same replication machine licensed, always first check to see if you have valid software assurance before attempting an upgrade and don’t upgrade if expired. You can check within the app under the Licensing / Status or view your license key email for software assurance expiration date. If you’re not sure what your software assurance end date is, contact us.

We recommend keeping your software assurance active so you can continue to get new builds/updates of your licensed app rather than buying a new license each time an update or upgrade is released. New builds are released to keep up with Microsoft updates/changes and also include software enhancements.


I'm a licensed end user. Where can I check to see if we can get the new updated version for free?

You can find your software assurance expiration date by checking the app’s Console or look for the license key email you were sent when you activated the app or renewal the software assurance last.

  • For Add2Exchange, log in as the Add2Exchange service account and open the Add2Exchange Console. Look at the folder line for Software Assurance expiration.
  • For Add2Outlook, the subscription date is listed next to your license key in the Add2Outlook Console.

If your software assurance expiration date is today or at a later date, you can download and install the upgrade since you’re within your software assurance term.

If the date is in the past, you may have renewed your software assurance, but forgotten to submit a license registration request for your renewal license keys. Live chat with us or contact Customer Care for a quick review of your account. Upgrading will require a new license request — product activation instructions.

If your software assurance is expired and you did not renew your software assurance, contact us for a license quote and purchase one of the options to upgrade and to reinstate your software assurance.

What type of support do we get under software assurance?

Software Assurance includes basic email support on the licensed app for the duration of the Software Assurance term. Basic email support doesn’t cover issues related to third party products, disaster recovery, email support requests escalated to higher level supprot for resolution, crossgrades, remote and phone support, migrations, moves which require Premier Support.

When buying a license value bundle, a discounted 4 hour block of Premier Support is already included which covers up to 4 hours of remote/phone support with a tech. Sessions are held by appointment weekdays between 9 AM and 5 PM ET. Value bundles are also available with 8 or 12 hours of Premier Support for organizations who prefer a larger block of time. 

To submit a support request, Open a Ticket online.

For those organizations who prefer to have annual support included with their license, we offer a DidItBetter Software Annual Support Plan – contact us for a quote and more info.

See also Support FAQ.

If we order the license with 1 year software assurance, what is the cost for the 2nd and 3rd year (or longer)?

In the month before your software assurance ends, we email a renewal reminder and a quote with your options based on your license and pricing in effect at that time. You can renew your software assurance for 1, 2, or 3 years. When you purchase your software assurance renewal before your software assurance ends, you are eligible for early renewal savings ($200 to 400 value). Renewing your software assurance is more cost effective than purchasing a new license after expiration for build releases/upgrades.

Can we order the license with a longer software assurance term up front instead of renewing annually if this is an option you offer?

Yes, you can order a new license with extended software assurance — 2 or 3 years instead of 1 year.

Extended software assurance prices display in the shopping cart as add on options under ‘You may be interested in‘ once you add the license to your cart. If the cart does not display the options for the selected license. contact us fora price and payment link. For new licenses or software assurance renewals, go to our main ‘Store’ page, scroll down to section ‘Extend Your Software Assurance’, or go to https://www.diditbetter.com/product-category/shop-by-product/extend-software-assurance 

Extended software assurance does not apply to our SaaS hosted sync service which is sold and priced differently.

How often do you find that organizations using O365 or on prem Exchange have to upgrade your apps?

Software Assurance is important regardless of platform being used. IT providers and consultants have clients who sometimes drag out upgrades as long as possible while running the same version of Exchange. Some feel Microsoft is always upgrading O365 which require updates more frequently. In terms of hardware, organizations with a limited technology budget seem to hold off on server, workstation, hardware upgrades. When it comes to software, we see a different pattern.

Regardless of platform being used,  it is  important to keep your software assurance active especially with releases of newer third party platforms, older versions being discontinued and retired (no longer supported), MS service pack releases with updates/changes, for security purposes, for moving apps from one server/vm to another, and so forth. Most organizations today recognize the importance of staying up to date with technology and use newer Exchange platforms (or a version behind), or may have opted to migrate over to Office 365 or a Hosted Exchange platform. 

Most keep their software assurance active to take advantage of free updates and upgrades which is more cost effective than buying a new license each time a new release is launched and to benefit from DidItBetter Software enhancements and new features. Sync Admins check and run their DidItBetter Software updates and upgrades as part of their regular maintenance schedule. As mentioned prior, we average a few updates a quarter and one major upgrade a year. 

Support FAQ

Below are answers to general questions about our support service levels. For in-depth technical support topics, visit our online support knowledgebase.

How do I open a ticket for support?

From the navigation menu under Support, select Open a Ticket to complete a short support request form. Here is the direct link: open a ticket online.


What level of support is available once a license is purchased?

ONLINE KNOWLEDGEBASE AND EMAIL SUPPORT. For free self help support topics, search our  knowledge base for informative How To articles, product documentation, FAQs, and more. If new to using or supporting our apps, we can help. All licenses include basic email support for the duration of your software assurance term (1, 2 or 3 years). For email support, open a ticket online.

PREMIER SUPPORT. When faster resolution than back and forth email is needed, or an email support request is escalated to higher level support for resolution, we offer remote and phone support under Premier Support. Our license value bundles include 4 or 8 hours of Premier Support – open a ticket online to request a session.

ANNUAL SUPPORT. For organizations who prefer to outsource DidItBetter Software maintenance updates and support to our certified DidItBetter professional services team for V.I.P. priority support, we offer several DidItBetter Software Annual Support plans depending on your coverage time preference.


When can I get support?

Open a ticket online any time and request a Premier Support session.  We’ll schedule a time with you since our engineers work by appointment. Remote and phone support sessions are scheduled weekdays between 9 AM and 5 PM ET, excluding U.S. holidays. After hour or emergency support requests are evaluated on a case by case basis and if business critical may be accommodated outside normal business hours — after hour and emergency billing rates apply.

    We have Premier Support. How do I schedule a session?

    The preferred method is to open a ticket online to request a session and provide us a little background on what you need help on.

    You can also call us at (813) 977-5739 or contact your dedicated account manager to schedule a session. Another option is to start a live chat with us and if we’re offline, just leave us a message and we’ll get back to you with available time slots.

    Sessions are held by appointment weekdays between 9 AM and 5 PM ET, excluding U.S. holidays. After hour support requests are evaluated on a case by case basis and may also be accommodated outside normal business hours.

    We installed, tested and are using the app so we don't anticipate needing any after hours support since your app just works. We found the documentation and knowledgebase to be pretty thorough and straightforward and your support team responsive and helpful during business hours. However, corporate prefers to buy annual support with software licenses. Do you offer anything like that?

    Yes, Annual Support options are available — the levels we currently offer:

    • Annual Support with Business Hours Access. Covers unlimited DidItBetter Software support during normal business hours. Sessions are held by appointment weekdays between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM ET, excluding U.S. holidays.
    • Annual Support with Extended Business Hours Access. Covers unlimited DidItBetter Software support during extended business hours. Sessions are held by appointment weekdays between the hours of 7 AM and 10 PM ET, excluding U.S. holidays.
    • Annual Support with 24/7 Support Access. Covers unlimited DidItBetter Software support 24/7 (excluding U.S. holidays) and sessions are by appointment. For emergency support requests after normal business hours, a hotline number will be provided to the designated primary technical contact in your organization and general response time is within 4 hours.

    Another option is our Extended Hours Premier Support for those who prefer to buy support hours in blocks of time (8, 15, or 20)  with extended coverage times weekdays 7 AM ET to 9 PM ET, excluding US holidays. 

    Online meetings and remote support sessions are held by appointment. Contact us for a quote and more info on any of our Annual Support or Extended Hours Premier Support service plans.

    We're not based in the USA so wondering if you can modify the Premier Support times to be based on our business hours?

    For International accounts using our sync apps, we schedule and resolve support requests within our normal business hours. Since sessions are held by appointment, we also accommodate after hours appointment requests from 7 AM to 9 AM ET and from 5 PM to 10 PM ET in addition to our normal business hours — excluding US holidays. Review your quote or order details for Premier Support or Annual Support plan coverage times and billing times. After hour support requests are evaluated on a case by case basis and may also be accommodated outside normal business hours; after hour or emergency billing rates may apply.

    Contact us on live chat with any questions on our service plans or for a quote to customize and create a support plan for your specific coverage requirements.

    Hosted DidItBetter FAQ

    Below are answers to questions on our Hosted DIB Sync services for organizations looking for an off-premise, cloud-based sync solution to automatically synchronize and share corporate calendars and contacts.

    We're on Office 365 looking for a cloud-based calendar and contact sync solution. Do you offer anything along those lines?

    Yes, we offer a hosted calendar, contact, GAL sync solution for organizations who prefer a cloud-based enterprise mobility sync solution whether you are using on prem Exchange, Microsoft 365 (Office 365)/Exchange online, or in a hybrid platform. Our hosted solution is ideal for organizations ditching their servers for cloud-based solutions to move away from having to install, maintain and manage in-house systems, or for those who simply prefer to have their calendar and contact sync service hosted offsite. Contact us for more info and a quote.

    We don't have a machine to install your software on. How can you help us?

    Yes, we offer hosted sync service for GAL sync, contact sync and/or calendar management — installed, configured, and managed by our DidItBetter Software professional services team. Contact us for more info and a hosted services quote.

    Is this an annual hosting plan, or monthly?

    We offer an annual hosting plan. Our hosted sync service cover a 12 month term. Hosted services are renewable annually before your hosted service subscription ends to avoid interruption in synchronization activity. Contact us for more info and pricing.

    Reseller FAQ

    Below are a few answers to questions from IT managed service providers (MSPs), value added resellers (VARs), IT consultants, cloud service providers (CSPs) interested in recommending and reselling our award-winning sync apps to their clients.

    We have clients who need your software. Do you have a reseller/partner program?

    Yes, we have a DidItBetter Software Authorized Partner program if you are interested in joining our authorized reseller team. There are NO fees to join and NO technical/certification requirements. Contact us for your DidItBetter Software authorized reseller information kit.

    Do you offer reseller pricing?

    Yes, we extend discounts to authorized resellers who sell our software licenses to end users. To join the DidItBetter Software authorized reseller team, contact us by email or live chat with us to request a DidItBetter Software Authorized Reseller information kit.

    Contact us on live chat or call (813) 977 5739 with any additional questions.