Hosted Sync Solutions for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

Hosted Add2Exchange for Cloud-based Enterprise Mobility, Calendar, Contact, GAL Sync

Affordable, scalable, and reliable cloud-based enterprise calendar and GAL/contact sync solutions whether you are using on prem Microsoft Exchange, Office 365/Exchange Online, M365 hybrid platform. Our hosted solution is ideal for organizations ditching their servers for cloud-based solutions to move away from having to install, maintain and manage in-house systems, or for those who simply prefer to have their calendar and contact sync service hosted offsite. 

Use our hosted sync service for GAL sync, contact sync, and/or calendar management. We provide a dedicated virtual replication machine with our award-winning enterprise mobility sync app installed, configured and managed under Premier Support by our DidItBetter Software professional services team. Our hosted service also includes DIB InstaConnect and replication app monitoring for any alert notifications of any replication issues with responsive, timely resolution.

Advantages of Hosted Add2Exchange

  • Dedicated server for hosting Add2Exchange which ensures optimal performance and reliability. Hosted Add2Exchange provides the same award-winning enterprise mobile sync solution, features, and functionality as an on-prem Add2Exchange Enterprise 365 deployment.
  • Better and more efficient resource management. Our hosted machines are fully managed, monitored and updated. You no longer have to dedicate resources to manage Add2Exchange server operations.
  • Ease of onboarding and offboarding users for those using the relationship group manager feature. New onboarding and offboarding is done by your team (or designated Add2Exchange Sync Admin) by simply adding or removing users to the managed distribution group.
  • Professional and dedicated DidItBetter Software Support team including a designated primary single point of contact familiar with your organization’s sync deployment and configuration. This lowers or elimates the need and cost of outsourced IT support in the management of your Add2Exchange deployment. Our engineers are most knowledgeable and experienced in multiple sync scenarios, replication settings, smooth migrations and proper configuration needed to tailor the app to meet your organization’s sync requirement.
  • Responsive support and priority access to any Add2Exchange mandatory or critical updates, enhancements, fixes, or build releases due to Microsoft changes. Any Add2Exchange maintenance, adds, moves, changes, migrations needed are covered under your Premier Support plan as the end user is already accustomed to.
  • Eliminate hardware worries. Going hosted with Add2Exchange reduces the cost and complexity of managing, maintaining and investing in an on-prem physical server, hardware, and infrastructure. 
  • One less thing for your IT team to worry about and manage. Free up your IT staff’s or managed services provider’s time so they can focus on other time-consuming and mundane infrastructure projects than worrying about Add2Exchange maintenance tasks.
  • Our cloud-based Add2Exchange solution provides a ‘zero on-prem footprint’ with no schema changes and without the need of any local installation on your network, workstations, or users’ mobile devices.

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