TaskController Outlook Task Management Packaging
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TaskController Outlook Task Manager

Outlook Add On for Shared Tasks
Auto Convert Emails to Tasks
Customizable User Fields
Assign Tasks & Manage by Objective
Send Email Links within a Task
Create Appointments from a Task
Installs on Workstation
Customizable Forms

Group Task Management for Outlook - TaskController

Manage projects with TaskController and take better control of your team's tasks!

TaskController requires fewer meetings because collaboration is easy and automatic. Centralized documentation and time tracking features allow team leaders and managers to quickly review project status and time spent on each contribution to the task. TaskController's time tracking feature also automatically calculates the total time spent on the entire task for billing and performance measures.


  • Solves the "Email Bloat" problem in inboxes by centralizing task items. TaskController automatically groups and converts incoming email to a task.
  • Streamlines public tasks and calendar events.
  • Provides a detailed documentation trail with its automatic and manual time and date stamping features.
  • Helps build a company's knowledgebase by saving completed tasks for review and future use as templates of a successful task.
  • Installed as a client and/or server-side solution.
  • Works with Add2Exchange and DidIT!


Manage by Objective. With tasks in a central location, tasks can be managed by objective, assigning and prioritizing them as needed. Management can review and contribute to the "digital nervous system" of the company. TaskController has a simple way to update the task list and group calendar by moving the completed items out of the active folder and by automatic link updates of the tasks which are sent to teammates.

Auto Convert Emails to Tasks. By email enabling the "Incoming" TaskController folder, incoming email messages are automatically converted into your own customizable Outlook task item for your team to work on.

Send Email Links from within a Task. Any user can send a link to the centralized task right from within the task. Users can also send regular emails with some or all of the task information directly in the email message to any email address or distribution list.

Make Calendar Items from within a Task. Any user can make a public or private calendar item from within a task. The Calendar item contains a shortcut link to the original task and can also contain the full text or a complete copy of the task.

Customizable Form. Each task is created in a custom Outlook form, one which can easily be modified to your own purposes. Full field documentation is included for your use. The task can be departmentalized, grouped, prioritized, assigned and when closed, the task is automatically put in the company's knowledgebase for future use as a historical reference or be used as a template for a similar successful future task.

Customizable User Fields. The advanced task form supplied contains customizable user fields which are specific to the departmental business task to be performed. If required, new fields and functionality can be added to the form and can be tied in to most existing systems. The changes can easily be done on any machine with Microsoft Outlook and permissions to the Exchange Store or you can email us your requirements for a quote on customizing it for you. Custom forms and task flow solutions are always quoted free.


TaskController is the groupware aspect of public folders and the link between a user's personal Outlook and other users' personal Outlook. TaskController consists of a shared task folder where users add, edit and manipulate common tasks. Email shortcuts to the shared item can be sent to other Exchange users on the network. When the recipient opens the attachment, it opens the shared task. Calendar items or reminders can be set in the user's personal calendar folder or the company's group calendar.

  • The task opened is a custom outlook form, one which can easily be modified using Outlook Forms Manager to tailor it to fit the particular department or task.
  • The task can be easily grouped by department, prioritized, assigned.
  • When a task is completed, the task is put in the company's own knowledgebase, to be used for historical reference or as a template for future tasks.
  • The Documentation tab is used to summarize and detail project status and to track the amount of time spent on each step and to calculate the total time of the entire task. Documentation gets automatically placed into the body of the task.
  • Ties together any email.
  • Originally designed as an Exchange-based help desk tool.

COMING SOON! TaskController soon to have template activities and find across all TaskController public folders.


  • FREE fully functional 21-day trial
  • Preclassifications of Tasks
  • 1 year of Free Upgrades Included
  • Can be Installed Only on Client
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 Compatible
  • Shareable Tasks
  • Exchange Server Aware
  • Assignable Tasks
  • Auto Task Locking Feature
  • Send Shortcuts to Tasks
  • Exchange Client Access Permissions aware
  • Create Appointments with Shortcuts
  • Completed Folders
  • Setup Definable per User
  • Sharable Contacts
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Sharable Calendar
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Add2Exchange Compatible
  • Auto Fill In of Tasks Based on Group
  • Custom Categorize Contacts
  • Templates
  • Colorize Tasks and Related Items
  • Team Aware, AD Driven
  • Create and Use Teams
  • Create Related Tasks
  • Autofill of Information Settings
  • Auto Create and Move of Tasks
  • Optional Server Side Component


You can license TaskController with a single hive one user or a single hive with unlimited users in the same single Exchange Organization Unit (EOU) on one server. TaskController installs a series of folders into the public folders referred to as a "hive". A hive includes one Calendar, Contact, and Task folder, as well as several other folders for housekeeping and setup defaults. In smaller organizations, you can use one hive for the entire company. As your company grows, you can implement several hives representing each department -- for example, Sales, Customer Service, IT/Technical, Human Resources, Finance/Accounting, Maintenance, Office Administration, and Executive branch. The permissions to these hives can be set through the Exchange permissions tab. The Task folders are used for shared tasks and the Calendar and Contact folders are often used as a source or destination for Add2Exchange replication. NOTE: Add2Exchange is sold and licensed separately. Additional hives, EOU and server licenses are available at a discount when purchased with a new license.

If you have any questions on this solution, please email us or initiate Live Chat.

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