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Compare our Exchange, Outlook and Office 365 folder sync solutionsProduct Overview
 Add2Exchange EnterpriseAdd2Outlook SyncVirtual Add2Exchange Sync ServerAiHosts Exchange Mail with Hosted Sync Server
Platforms Supported
On premise Microsoft Exchange 2016 / 2013/ 2010 and prior
Hybrid platform, in house Exchange and Office 365 deployment (sync on premise Exchange to Office 365 for certain folders)
Office 365 / Exchange Online
Add2Exchange O365 Edition
Sync between two different Exchange servers - with a trust
Sync between two different Exchange servers - without a trust
Cross tenant - sync mailboxes between two different Exchange servers or between two Office 365 tenants - without a trust
Hosted Exchange, shared, multi-tenant (for those who do not use a dedicated Exchange server)
AiHosts: Hosted Exchange mail included
Installation / System Req
Standalone or virtual machine

Requires Outlook license
Single user: workstation installation supported for 1 user
Multiple users: Install on replication server or virtual machine
Replication machine can be a virtual machine, a hosted Azure or AiHosts
On-premise inhouse server or VM installation supported
Types of Sync
Sync Exchange global address list (GAL) to local contacts mailbox folder for viewing on mobiles
Office 365 GAL sync to mobiles
Add2Exchange O365 Edition
Sync calendar folders
Sync contact folders
Sync task folders
Sync posts/email folders
Sync notes
Sync Exchange public folders to users local mailbox for viewing on mobiles
Sync mailbox resource folders
Share meeting rooms, company A and B have their own Exchange and Active Directory, shared office space; separate ADs no trust
Sync between two different Exchange servers with trust
Sync any combination of mailboxes and public folders -- public to private, private to private, private to public
Sync multiple folders to users multiple folders, iPhones, most Androids. Note: Some mobile devices have a limitation of one
Replication Settings
1 way sync, view only
Bi-directional sync (2 way folder ring sync), allow users to edit synchronized items
Full mesh sync so all users have the same information
Sync Method Supported
One to One
Many to One
One to Many
Feature Comparison
Information templates based on a distribution group list: Create and manage folder relationship settings from the Group Relationship Manager. Creates new folders for you too! Make template relationships and attach distribution group to automatically make and remove relationships instead of creating one at a time.
Determine how you want edits/deletions of items treated for each folder pair relationship you create
Privacy option to keep items marked Private in the personal folder from syncing to a public folder or another users personal folder
Calendar confidentiality: Relationships support hiding of specific calendar details based on the private flag or special characters
Autopop text feature to help you identify which folder the item was created in
Control whether users can edit synchronized items
Option to copy or not copy Private items
Option to recopy deleted items!!
Label synchronized items
Add On available: Confidential post notifiers: Send email alert notifications to a user’s  outside email address reminding them to check their corporate email
Award winning sync engine
Category: Update any category fields you want and make that change replicate back to the source item
Central installation with management console for setting up and managing folder relationships. Nothing installed on user machines nor mobile devices
Set it and forget configuration
Requires Microsoft Outlook running to sync
Scalable, up to unlimited relationships
Seamless to users, sync runs automatically in the background.
Better Exchange resource management and better memory mgmt.
Optimized queries
Use local or remote SQL
Console enhancement: automatically asks or starts service on close of console
Stable and responsive service control manager
Flexible licensing2, 10, 20, 50 or unlimited relationships2, 10, 50 or unlimited relationshipsUp to unlimited Unlimited, Per User
Monthly or Annual Hosting Agreement required
1 year free updates and upgrades included (2 and 3 year option available)
1 year basic email support included (2 and 3 year option available)
Free fully functional 21-day trial
Add On Tools for end user support
Add2Exchange ToolBox
Recovery and Migration ManagerBuilt In
A2O ToolKit