Add2Outlook Outlook Sync Packaging
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Sync PST files
Sync GAL to mobiles
Trusted Outlook add-on
Works with Office 365 and Hosted Exchange
Sync for on-premise Exchange 2016 users
Sync Exchange public folders and mailboxes
Sync Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Posts/Mail
Sync between different Exchange Servers
ActiveSync Public Folders to iPhone and Android
Installs on workstation, not Exchange Server

Hosted Exchange and Office 365 Sync Tool for Outlook Contacts and Calendars

Add2Outlook is a sync tool for Office 365 users, for Outlook users in a shared hosted Exchange who do not use a dedicated Exchange server, or for those with a hybrid platform who want to sync their on premise Exchange to Office 365 for certain folders. For those who are using Add2Exchange and are migrating to Exchange Server 2016, you can also use Add2Outlook. Use Add2Outlook to sync your GAL to your users' mobiles. Add2Outlook can also be used to sync folders between two different Exchange servers with or without federation. Finally, you can also use Add2Outlook to sync Exchange or Outlook online accounts to local PST files. For one user, it can be installed on the workstation, but for multiple users, syncing from a centralized replication server is the ideal configuration. Users running a 32 bit “replication machine”, should use Outlook 2010 or 2013 32 bit to replicate. If using a 64 bit machine for replication, use Outlook 64 bit. If using a centralized replication server, your users can use any version of Outlook including OWA, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 or Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016 on their machine, since it operates independently.

A testimonial from one of our Add2Outlook users…
"We are a hosted Exchange user and I have been using Add2Outlook for over five years now, and it works beautifully to sync a public shared (Exchange) calendar to a personal calendar so our appointments can be synchronized to our mobile devices – we use BlackBerry, iPhones, and iPads . Initially, I had some problems which were unique to my hosting and the engineers from DidItBetter continued to pursue the problem and fixed them all. Their premium support is well worth it. I highly recommend Add2Outlook for anyone in a hosted Exchange environment… it's an awesome solution," Tammy Owen, Technology Services Director, HBR

Common Uses

  • Sync public folders from Office 365 to Outlook personal folder for viewing on smartphones and mobile devices.
  • Sync hosted Exchange public folders (calendars, contacts, tasks, mail folders) with Outlook personal folders. Those with a local on-premise Exchange Server 2010/2013 who have access to installing apps on the server should use Add2Exchange.
  • For Office 365 or hosted Exchange users, set up Add2Outlook to automatically sync your GAL to users' iphones, androids and mobile devices.
  • Outlook users who want to replicate between two local PST files or a PST file and a hosted Exchange Server for public folder.
  • Any Outlook user interested in private to private replication in a hosted environment.
  • Users who can't install solutions in their own Exchange environment and are interested in a desktop solution for synchronizing Outlook calendar, contact, task folders.
  • Sync calendar and contact folders for those with an on-premise Exchange server migrating to Exchange Server 2016.
  • Resource scheduling for those in hybrid platform (on-premise Exchange server with hosted Exchange/Office 365)

For those with an on premise Exchange server 2013/2010/2007 who have access to install software on their own servers or virtual machines, refer to Add2Exchange Enterprise to sync your Microsoft Exchange public folders and personal mailbox folders for team collaboration or for viewing on smartphone and mobile devices. If you're planning to ditch your on-premise server and haven't selected a hosted services provider, ask about our hosted Exchange services with Add2Exchange Enterprise.

Key Features

  • Sync between different Exchange servers with Outlook 2010/2013.
  • Sync tool for Office 365 users.
  • Supports Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.
  • More control over previous editions. Users can stop the sync and is faster to load.
  • New, improved interface. Now the Console Panel is located as a Tool, Option in Outlook or in Add In tab in Outlook 2007 and 2010.
  • Built in "start over" feature for those testing concept and migrating to server-side solution Add2Exchange or AiHosts hosted services.
  • Cached mode aware. Big news for those who want to use the spam feature of Outlook.
  • Ability to work with custom forms if published to both locations.
  • Flexible licensing available – license 2, 10, 50, or unlimited relationships. License one folder type or the Add2Outlook Sync Suite
  • Compatible with RPC over HTTP.

Folder Support

  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Tasks
  • Mail/Posts

Types of Sync

  • Hosted Exchange public folders to users' Outlook personal folders and smartphones
  • Sync folders between two different Exchange servers
  • Supports global address list synchronization for viewing on mobiles
  • Sync PST files
  • Outlook personal mailbox folders to hosted Exchange public folders
  • Sync between two Outlook personal folders
  • Sync a shared folder to multiple users' personal folders
  • Mutual 2-way hosted Exchange public folder to personal folder
  • Multiple hosted Exchange public folders to the user's multiple personal folders
  • Sync and share resource calendars

Replication Settings

  • 1 way, view only
  • 1 way, bi-directional on edits
  • Full mesh

Recommended Configuration

For syncing among multiple users, many set up a dedicated sync account and a 'replication' workstation with Outlook installed and all the relationships replicating from one place, this way no users are involved. This centralized sync configuration is easier to manage and back up and since Outlook must be open at all times for Add2Outlook to replicate on a timed basis, this removes any user interference.

A service account with proper access permissions is also often created to maintain a tight security model since no elevation of privileges is required for any existing user. For additional information, please review our product documentation.

For hosted users, sync times depend on your connection to the Internet, the speed and capacity and load of the sync machine and of course the back end connection of your host provider. Occasionally since we are syncing data, host providers may need to allow for a "non-throttled" service account – check with your host provider for more details.

If you don't have a replication machine to install Add2Outlook on, we now offer a hosted option HostedA2O Server, where we provide a dedicated replication virtual machine with Add2Outlook installed and configured by one of our DidItBetter Software certified engineers. Email or live chat with us for Hosted Add2Outlook Server pricing.

Add2Exchange licensees: Please review this support topic on Converting from Add2Exchange to Add2Outlook and contact us for your crossgrade path/pricing. This topic also includes Add2Outlook new installation tips.

If you are looking for a hosted services provider and would like to continue using Add2Exchange in a hosted platform, learn more about our AiHosts hosted Exchange with Add2Exchange .

How It Works

Add2Outlook is used to synchronize items from one folder to another. Every source to destination combination equals one relationship. The source is the folder new items are made in and the destination is the folder you want these items to sync to. You can sync between two Outlook calendar, contact, task folders, either private to public or public to private folder combinations available in an Outlook profile. Although Add2Outlook does not have to be connected to an Exchange Server to replicate between calendars within a PST, the most common use of Add2Outlook is to synchronize a group or shared Outlook folder to a user's personal folder or vice versa so your mobile device's sync software can bring it to your smartphone or tablet.

  • The first time replication occurs, the items are copied from the source calendar, contact or task folder to the destination calendar, contact or task folder (of the same type).
  • The next time replication occurs; the items are updated, changed, or removed, depending on your predefined folder relationship settings.
  • If the source item was deleted, the destination item can be deleted or marked as deleted, or the Add2Outlook relationship can be set to do nothing at all.
  • If an Add2Outlook user makes changes to their copy of the public folder item, settings in the folder relationship within Add2Outlook can be set to untie the original copy to preserve the changes made in the private copy and then make a new tied copy from the source, overwrite the changed copy, or do nothing.
  • Once set up, Add2Outlook can work on a manual basis and can be set to a timed or reoccurring schedule in the background.
  • In order for replication to occur, Outlook has to be open in the correct profile in order to synchronize and if syncing from a public folder (calendar or contact), the Exchange Server has to be available and online.
  • In Outlook 2003, Add2Outlook will not automatically connect to do timed replication from an offline state and any Outlook's security warnings must be disabled as specified later in this document. For more information on our workstation and Outlook independent server-based product without these limitations, see Add2Exchange. The Add2Exchange solution can be installed on the Exchange server or on a file server for centralized relationship management, and works with Outlook Web Access and smartphones and Windows mobile devices.
  • Add2Outlook has been designed to include a user selectable date range in the past as well as in the future. Add2Outlook copies all items within the date range from source to destination, and will copy reoccurring items and will handle exceptions to reoccurring items if the original reoccurring item is within the replication period.

Flexible Licensing

For smaller installations, you can license Add2Outlook based on the number of folder relationships needed (2, 10, 50) and for larger installations, we offer the unlimited relationships license. What is a relationship? Every source to destination combination (folder pair) equals one relationship. The source is the folder new items are made in and the destination (target) folder is the folder you want the items to sync to. You can license one folder type or the sync suite (calendars, contacts, tasks, posts).

NOTE: Add2Exchange licensees with valid software subscription in place are eligible for a special crossgrade discount to Add2Outlook. Please email us  for your crossgrade path and pricing.

For more information, please refer to the Add2Outlook User Guide or if you have any questions on this solution, please email us or initiate Live Chat.

For a quote on hosted services with Microsoft Exchange and Add2Exchange Enterprise, email us.