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Add2Exchange Enterprise Exchange Sync Packaging
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Add2Exchange Enterprise

Sync Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Posts/Mail
Activesync Public Folders to iPhone and Android
Installs on the Exchange Server or VM
Sync one-way, two-way and full-mesh
Supports recurring appointments
Sync Exchange Global Address List (GAL)
Sync Public Folders and Mailboxes
Manage sync groups via Active Directory lists
Scales to Enterprise
Clone Folder Trees

Outlook Calendar Sync, Contact Sync and GAL Sync

for iPhone and Android users with Add2Exchange

Add2Exchange Enterprise, an award-winning Outlook and Exchange sync software, is useful for automatically synchronizing calendars, contacts, tasks, post and mail folders. Add2Exchange supports one way sync, two way sync, or a full mesh sync.

  • Sync Exchange public folder calendars and contacts with users' personal folders .
  • Synchronize your Exchange global address list (GAL) to users' personal contacts for viewing on mobiles.
  • Sync users' personal folders to a main folder, shared folder, or to an Exchange public folder and other users' personal folders.
  • Synchronize a user's Outlook personal mailbox folder to other users' mailbox folders for a private to private sync.
  • Sync calendars and contacts created on your mobile device or local mailbox folder with Exchange public folders and other users.
  • Sync multiple Exchange public folders to users' multiple personal folders.

For mobility, Add2Exchange is ideal for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and other smartphone/tablet users who need information from Exchange public folders synchronized to the personal folder where it needs to be for the mobile device's sync software to pick it up for viewing. Sync calendar appointments or contacts/address lists you create on your mobile device with Exchange public folders.

Add2Exchange is a versatile server-side Exchange sync product. Using "information relationships", Add2Exchange can copy and synchronize information 1-way for view only, bi-directional for a 2-way back and forth sync between the two selected folders, or you can set up what we refer to as a 'full mesh' sync. Once installed and set up, items are automatically synchronized based on the settings and process intervals you selected during the installation and the synchronization works transparently in the background.

Take a quick look: Most Common Sync Uses with Add2Exchange

Sync Outlook Calendar with

Key Features

Automatically create relationships based on distribution lists with Built In Relationship Group Manager. With this robust sync solution, we have simplified how to administer relationships. One of the more popular features of Add2Exchange Enterprise is the ability to use Exchange Distribution Groups and create relationship templates, attach to the group to make and remove relationships automatically based on the inclusion or exclusion in the list. Adding new relationships is done by adding users to the distribution group. The next time Add2Exchange Enterprise syncs, it creates each relationship and can even create new folders for you, if necessary. You can find additional information regarding this under Relationship Group Manager in our Add2Exchange Enterprise product documentation.

Unidirectional GAL Sync for Contacts. Another key feature of the Add2Exchange Enterprise is the automatic replication of the Global Address List. There is no need to export and import the Active Directory list anymore as is necessary in the Add2Exchange Standard edition. Add2Exchange Enterprise does it for you automatically. Global Address List synchronization allows you to treat Outlook's Global Address List as the source of a relationship, to be synchronized with one or more destinations. GAL Sync Key Features | GAL Sync Relationships.

New Console Interface for better relationship sorting, filtering, and management or you can switch back to the Classic View as in the Add2Exchange Standard edition. The management of group relationships is made easier by the innovative grid view of relationships and templates. The traditional tree view of relationships is still available from the Options dialog.

Group Relationship Feature. Add2Exchange Enterprise entirely eliminates the need for the relationship cloning module; Enterprise relationships created can be driven by an Account's Active Directory memberships, therefore reducing support and ownership costs; simply "Set It and Forget It". Group relationships allow you to manage large number of relationships on an on-going basis through relationship templates and distribution lists. Group Relationships, Lists and Templates.

Integrated Folder Cloning Feature. Add2Exchange Enterprise automatically allows you to make individual folders for any new relationships which are created eliminating the need for FolderMatic. Folder cloning creates a mirror image of the folder structure from a template account to multiple destination mailboxes. This is useful when creating a new folder structure for sync purposes when you want a separate, non-default folder to receive the contents of synchronization from a source folder, but you do not have the desired folder structure in the destinations already.

Advanced Date Range Control. The "Sliding Date Range" feature for recurring appointments in the Enterprise Edition saves replication time by reducing the number of items to process which is ideal when replicating items far in the past.

Flexible Licensing

You can license one folder type or the sync suite (calendars, contacts, tasks, posts). We offer a license only option or a value bundle option. The value bundle option includes both tool licenses - the ToolBox and the Recovery and Migration Manager, and at least one 4 hour block of Premier Support for up to 4 hours of remote/phone support services with one of our techs.

All new licenses include at least one year software assurance which covers free updates and upgrades on the licensed solution available for download from the web and free email support on the licensed solution (excluding third party product support) for the duration of the software assurance term selected. New licenses are also available with 2 or 3 years of software assurance.

For smaller installations, you can license Add2Exchange Enterprise based on the number of folder relationships needed (2, 10, 20, 50). What is a relationship? Every source to destination combination (folder pair) equals one relationship. The source is the folder new items are made in and the destination (target) folder is the folder you want the items to sync to.

For larger installations, you can license unlimited relationships so you don't have to worry about 'counting' relationships. The unlimited relationships license covers all users in a single Exchange OU, where the solution is installed on one replication server. Discounted licenses available for additional servers/EOUs.

Licensing Options


Mobile Device Support

Many mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, BlackBerry, Androids with Exchange ActiveSync or MobileSync, Windows Mobile smartphones, pocket PCs, PDAs which can connect to Outlook are supported whether you have the same mobile devices deployed in your organization or a mix of mobile devices from different manufacturers. Add2Exchange Enterprise is non-proprietary and works with any manufacturer's mobile devices which can connect and sync with Outlook. If down the road you decide to trade in your BlackBerry devices for iPhones or Android smartphones, or decide to add iPads, you can continue to use Add2Exchange. If the software was proprietary, the sync software would be designed only to work specifically with one brand/type of mobile device.

Folder Support

  • Calendars
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Posts/Mail
  • Notes

Types of Sync

  • Exchange public folder to personal folders
  • Outlook personal mailbox folder to Exchange public folders
  • Sync between two Outlook personal folders
  • Sync between two Exchange public folders
  • Sync shared folders to multiple personal folders
  • Mutual 2-way public to personal folder
  • Multiple public folders to a user's multiple personal folders
  • OST (Offline Folder) Aware

Read more about the different types of synchronization you can set up.

Replication Settings

  • 1 way, view only
  • 1 way, bi-directional on edits
  • Full mesh

For a complete list of all available relationship replication settings, please visit our product guide: Recommended Settings for Relationships:: Relationship Fundamentals:: Triggers and Responses you decide how you want edits and deletes treated for each relationship.

Testimonial from an Add2Exchange Customer

Global Radio, home to the UK's leading commercial radio brands, went looking for a solution to be able to put their internal Global Address list onto every corporate mobile device they provide to their staff. "After doing some research for a server-side solution to our problem, we decided on DidItBetter's Add2Exchange Enterprise solution," says Luke Darby, Infrastructure Network and Systems Manager at Global Radio. "The only solution we could find at a competitive price was Add2Exchange. All other solutions only addressed half the problem or were device specific. Add2Exchange is now completely transparent to our users, offering a complete end-to-end solution with no user intervention required. There are no client plug-ins required and our users are required to do nothing to make it happen." Global Radio's Messaging Team found Add2Exchange easy to install and configure. This, allied to the excellent support provided by the DidItBetter support team, made for an easy installation and rapid deployment cycle.

For more information, please refer to the Add2Exchange Enterprise User Guide or if you have any questions on this solution, please email us or initiate Live Chat.

Looking for a hosted service? Chat with us or call about our hosted Exchange and Add2Exchange services.
If you already are using Office 365/shared hosted Exchange, learn more about Add2Outlook, our client-side sync product.


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